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  • RP Prompt: Drunkard and Robber

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    Name: Leslie Shelburr

    Age: 28



    Lesilie was a simple member of society, working as a designer for a company, earning money, and then heading home to her studio apartment. Having not much time to herself, she uses the leftover of what she has after work to relax. This of course includes the intake of alcohol.

    Unfortunately for her, the one night she was but completely drunk, wearing nothing but a thin tank top and a pair of panties, she lay passed out on the couch, and empty bottle of what looked to be bourbon whiskey on the coffee table. She was certainly sound asleep and at the mercy of any robber who made plans to target her house this very night. As much as she doesnt have much valuables, the robber is certain to not leave empty handed. Even though Leslie was an alcoholic, she had a very good body for someone going into their late 20s.

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