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  • RP Prompt: Mating Season

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Name: Leia

    250 years old




    In this realm of fantasy, a lot of things can happen. Slaying dragons, going on quests, casting magic spells, and etc. However, in this land most of the women go through heat, and each species has a different time and need for mating. Leia, to her luck, is going through hers, at first she tried to ignore it, since she traveled alone. But as the days pass, she got more and more hornier and desperate. To the point where she felt unable to really move forward until her holes were filled with thick, hot semen.

    Having to take a bath in one of the rivers that was connected to a waterfall, she washed herself clean, however at the same time, tried to relieve her sexual frustrations. Bent over on a flash rock and her fingers pumping inside her wet throbbing pussy. Moaning and gasping loud enough that anyone possibly walking by would notice, followed by her sweet scent of her bodily fluids since she is in heat.

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