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  • RP Prompt: Nude in the Streets at 3 am

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Name: Nadia Lennisha
    Age: 25

    Office Worker that works at home with the help of recent technology. Nadia acts like a normal woman in public, however is completely switched around after work hours. Having to work at home most of the time, she had a desperate need to satisfy her horny needs, trying out a few things here and there, and today is no different. Having one final stretch as she finished her work for the day and turned off her computer, walking into the bathroom to take a shower. She had read up on certain fantasies and the like to possibly try out every other night, and most of them so far had left her rather satisfied with herself. Today, she planned on trying out the fantasy of walking out on public in the dead of night completely nude, at a time where not a whole lot of people would be roaming about and instead would be at home asleep. The sort of heart-pounding excitement to wander around naked with the possibility of being caught by a man who was sure to have his way at her. She made sure to prepare in advance as well, taking the pill, looking for specific places nearby where it wouldn't be too dangerous, but near areas where adult buisnesses like strip clubs or bars would still be open.
    Once Nadia got out of the shower and dried herself off, she took one little extra step, especially since she didn't want to return home sexually dissatisfied. Taking out her phone and poisitioning herself with the mirror in front of her, confident in her flexibility, she took a very provocative picture.
    Then, after a bit of editing, she went ahead and posted it on a privite forum site for people looking for nothing but sex, with the words:

    "I'm going to be at XXXO address in 30 minutes, I plan to go out fully nude so I won't be hard to find. Be sure to say hi. ❤️ "

    Posting that and turning off her phone, she went ahead and wore something light, and left her apartment building to head to the destination she planned on going. Once she got there she rented out a public locker and put her things inside, as well as her clothing, stripping them off her body one by one. There wasn't even the sound of someone nearby anywhere. Nothing but dead silence, so she didn't have to worry too much, closing and locking the door, she went ahead and started walking along the street. Having the mental image that she was simply taking a walk and nothing more. However the cold wind touching her nude body would instantly make her nipples perky, she figured she shouldn't walk around for too long, lest she catch a cold by tomorrow morning.

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