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  • RP Prompt: Throwing Away My Boring Life to be a Sex Slave

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    Name: Adrianna Laurance
    Age: 25

    Life is boring, and a hassle to deal with. Waking up, eating, heading to work, socializing, eating, working, and then sleeping. An endless repeating cycle just for the sake of survival, it's surprising that Adrianna hasn't gone insane from it yet. Or perhaps she has, which is the reason she is in this situation currently.
    Having no longer wanting to be a funtioning member of society, Adrianna wanted to be in the sex buisness, however becoming a stripper or an escort requires a certain amount of rules, and rules are something she no longer wanted to be tied down to. She wanted a life where she can have immense amount of pleasure, whilst also having her essentials taken care of. Like a pet in a way? So more so that of a sex slave. However there are it's risks and dangers to it. As well as the fact that she may end up subjecting to a bit of pain from either piercings or tattoos, after all, she's giving away her rights and independance to someone who is willing to. Are those risks worth it? Once she stepped into the rabbit hole, there was no way of coming back.
    It took quite a lot of thought for her to make her final decision, and decided to take the risk.
    Heading to a bar that was quite the distance away, two cities over practically. She decided to dress rather provocatively, showing as much skin as she can too look rather inviting. There, she sat at the bar for quite a bit, drinking a couple of drinks, in hopes for a man to approach her with the intent of taking her home. Which luckily she did, she told him she'd use the restroom for a bit, leaving her drink on the counter and returned. The cocktail looked a bit more fizzy then it usually did, so she guessed that he poped a roofie in her drink in her absense. Willingly drinking the cocktail knowing what will play out after, and surely enough, everything that happened afterwards was nothing but a blur.
    Once she awoke, she found herself ontop of the bed, she couldn't tell where exactly she was but she felt the cold air all throughout her body, as she notices that she's completely nude.

    She didn't say anything, moreover she was too much in a haze to bother even trying. But she was mentally aware enough to know what's going on, and the suspense of it kept her heart pounding wildly. She couldn't do anything now except wait for the man who brought her here to come back.

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