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  • sans au erp romance

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I'm wanting to use a oc for this erp.

    I want to do a oc x character erp by now.

    I don't mind if it's bxb or bxg

    but anyways my idea was that someone from our world ended up by the multiverse inside of a place,or au,idk really.

    as for what au we might roleplay in we can decide that if you want to.

    I have some extra options ideas for the erp:


    1: the character (oc) is a skeletal snake being,they were cold and get saved by the other or meet with the other.

    2:the oc is an different kind of demon,an skeletal incubus/succubus,a beast that is trying to contain their own lustful desires away while they are slowly falling in love with the other being.



    but as for the aus that I know?:








    and some multiverse stuff.

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