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    Hello! I have a few new and older rp ideas that we could do! Just send me a chat if youre interested or have ideas of your own you want to expand on! Any and all rps can be switched so I would play a male and you the female if you wish! 


    -Magic House (old rp) 

    My character is walking home from school one day by herself when she notices an old abandoned house that looks to be in ruins. I become interested and want to see inside. However when i do. The inside of the house is beautiful and looks to be inhabited by someone,  or somethings. Before i can escape the door closes and locks behind me.  The only way out is for your character to instruct me on how to leave, which involves completing sexual tasks in every room of the house before i can leave. These tasks can be anything from gloryholes, to gangbangs, to incestuous visions, beastuality, machines, etc, and you can choose whatever it is id have to do in these rooms! It can involve your character or you can not be involved, either way just be sure to involve lots of cum for me!!! (I play ages 8 -18 so you pick what youd like!)

    -Farm girl (beastiality) (new) 

    My character has been riding horses her whole life, especially her favorite stud, Thunder. She loved Thunder more than any other horses, and one day while out for a long ride in the forests, they decided to take a break and rest. While petting and grooming down Thunder, I start to be very interested with his growing undercarriage. (I play ages 12 to 18 for this rp!) 

    -Furry world (new) 

    This rp can be made into anything you want, i can play either female or futa, but your character has to be female if I play a futa, and a male if i play a female. I play ages 8 to 18, and im interested in gangbangs (forced or consensual) and incest (forced or not) for this one. Also interested in any suggestions you might have! 

    -Tentacle monster under the bed (old)

    Its a very warm summers night and i am all alone in my bedroom, wearing very minimal clothing and sleeping on top of the covers because its so hot. Suddenly many tentacles creep onto the bed and restrain me, forcing me to take tentacles into every hole i have and covering me in warm sticky cum! (Ages 8 thru 18 again) 


    -school field trip kidnapping (new) 

    My character is taking a school field trip to a large national park with her classmates.  Suddenly while hiking a little ways away from the group,  someone snatches me up without anyone else noticing and takes me to a secluded cabin where he or many park rangers get to use me as much as they want.  (Ages 8 to 18) 


    Siblings (old) 

    My character has had a long day at school and comes home wanting to take a shower.  My older brother likes to tease me and play pranks on me, so while i shower, he sneaks into the bathroom and is able to shut the hot water off and steals my towel. I have no choice but to get out of the freezing shower and try and steal my towel back from him.  In the middle of a tug if war with him over it, he takes advantage of my open body to accidentally "slip" inside me (either hole) and fills me with a ton of cum. (Ages 14 to 18) 


    Please feel free to suggest any changes or ideas too! ❤

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    I would be very interested in doing siblings or possibly something with futa I've got a few ideas hit me up if your intrested 

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