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    Okay! I made a vague post about this, but I really wanna do the idea, you don't even have to know much about the SCP Foundation, just a bit-


    Idea: My character is a Class-D who is capable of recovering from any injury. The Foundation uses her to test on all sorts of extremely dangerous anomalies because they can't waste any more human Class-D. In this universe some SCPs have been altered, however, and are much more... sexual. They take advantage of Female Class-D and love my character because they can be as rough as they want. There's also a deep-spread web of corruption in the foundation, from lowly janitors to even the O5 council themselves, using whoever they can to get some sexual relief, it isn't rare that Class-D are raped in their cells by foundation personnel.

    List of modified SCPs:

    SCP-682: It retains all its properties, except it now has a 3 foot long mammalian penis, which seems to be a combination of human and dog. It is extremely rough and aggressive and will intentionally cause pain by ramming into holes without any warning or time got preparation

    SCP-939: All of the contained specimens are male due to the fact that their aggressive breeding methods often result in the death of their female counterpart. Due to their large intelligence they enjoy the pleasure of sex and use all holes available to them

    SCP-999: It remains in a form which resembles a 6' tall man, and if a male subject is brought into its chamber it will tickle them as normal, but if a female is brought to it, it will develop a 9 inch long penis, which forms out of its body. 

    SCP-049: It will no longer kill on contact, but instead attempt to cure the pestilence by breeding its immunity into women. It is intentionally rough but still makes sure that the woman is okay after finishing.

    ~More SCPs can be added if it is desired, those are just a few examples to use~

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