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    So, recently I'vd been feeling the need to erp as a mature, well-hung shota and I would desire a big-breated/big-butt milfy character who is willing to bounce with that. I have a couple character ideas to play as but I'm having a bit of trouble creating the rp that would help drive the story. I have a couple of ideas but they're kind of broad in my opinion. 


    1) I will be playing as two characters here. The premise here is a fantasy-based erp where the shotas I play as are minotaur brothers. With their youthful strength and energy, they are much more suited out to be warriors and require an experienced mage to make sure that they don't end up getting harmed through the means of curses and the like. 

    2) One character this time. The premise is a more modern-type erp. My character is constantly left alone by their hard-working parent(s) so they make sure to leave him a baby sitter that he has become attracted to. 

    3) This is a take of the previous idea but will require my partner to play as multiple characters. My character is blessed with a sizable length, musk and 'powers' that can help him seduce any woman that he desires. These powers include the fact that other males would not be able to raise their hands against him even if he is fucking their wives right in front of their eyes. 

    So, far this is all I got for premises. You can comment here or send me an ecchitext so we can lay out things further. 

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    Hello there.  Looking to get into a quick, and fun Ecchi Roleplay and I might be interested in Option 2.

    The character I have in mind would probably suit the "Milf" requirement as she has slightly bigger than average breasts, thicc squishy thighs and a large bubble butt.  If you're still looking, let me know and we can hash out some details.

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