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    The Hook

    Off of the coast of Maine there's an island known as New Sodom. It only has a population of around two hundred people, and if you had ever gone you would've been able to tell. The few outsiders who happen to visit the island tend to think that they've walked off a time machine, rather than a boat. Even after spending almost two decades in the twenty first century internet access is completely nonexistent, and cell service is only a little better. It's the kind of place where you can get a good view of the stars at night, where people seem more quiet in their little isolated bubble. There's only one store, one school, and one police station. No hospital. No Inn for tourists, for very few tourists ever visited New Sodom. Though that seems to be changing.

    Just under a month ago, women from across the country developed a sudden interest in this quiet island. It started to dominate their thoughts, it became all they could think about, until they left. There are five separate recorded cases. All women who, seemingly out of the blue, became fascinated with this unassuming island. Their friends all say the women had a sudden shift in personality one day. A week after that initial change, they all packed up and left. They've been tracked through every part of the journey, until the reached New Sodom, then they were gone. It was as if they vanished after stepping off the ferry. No one in New Sodom has ever claimed to have seen any of them. It's known that this happened five times, there could be any number of unknown cases though.

    As soon as this story got out, it began to spread like wildfire. Opinion pieces and petitions ran around on the internet. The five girls were collectively linked under the title of "New Sodomites". It wasn't just civilians who were interested either, an agent of the FBI was sent down to the island to try and uncover what, if anything, is happening there. 


    I'm looking for a female to play the detective. I'm also looking for someone descriptive (1+ paragraphs on average, please). I'm not as concerned with spelling and grammar. As far as your character goes, it's up to you how you want to play your character, it's up to you. I'm planning for this to be a bit of a long rp. 

    So, in my mind this role is almost certainly erotic horror, at the least. Essentially for starting, think of something like Twin Peaks, a detective story set in small town Maine, with light to moderate supernatural elements. However as it'll go on it'll start to shift away from that, and move towards something a bit more 'silent hilly' with elements from Lovecraftian horror. As I, at least implied, before, I'm planning to have sex scenes in this, but I'm also looking to do something with plenty of plot as well. If it isn't obvious by yet, this will also be a somewhat dark rp, specifically I'm hoping to explore themes of dub con, and mind control (also I shouldn't need to even mention tentacles as a definite possibility, what with Lovecraft's name being dropped).

    Well, thanks for reading all that, if you did. If you're interested, have a question, or just want to tell me I'm a dumb bitch, then feel free to leave a comment or message me. If you have any suggestions or ideas, don't be afraid to offer, either. Thanks again, and I hope you have a good day.  


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