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    Name: Ashikawa Mitsuru

    Age: 16 years old

    Occupation: student and ryokan worker


    Mitsuru has black short hair with bangs that covers one of his eyes. He has black hair and rather pale complexion. He is a bit shorter than most kids his age. He is mostly seen in his school uniform or in black yukata when he is helping in the ryokan. He is almost always seen wearing jacket or sweater as his casual look to cover the scars he has on his body.


    Mitsuru is quiet and is usually minding his own business unless it is necessary for him to get involved in conversations or activities around him. He is an obedient kid who follows the rules and is preferred to be given the rules at the beginning instead of "as we go along with it". He enjoys looking at the sky during his free time, staring at the clouds or the stars and moon.

    Background story:

    Mitsuru didn't come from a good home. His father was almost always drunk and would beat his wife up. When he was satisfied with her, he would go to Mitsuru and did the same. One day, she decided to leave the house and ran away with another man. Knowing that, his father was so angry and started lashing all his disappointment and anger towards Mitsuru who got constant beatings afterwards. Mitsuru stopped going to school and spent most of his time in his room, just to wait for his father to come and beat him up when he woke up, before every meal, after every meal and before he went to bed.

    He lost count of time before one day, a man came and saved him from his father. The man carried his weak body to a ryokan and left him to the lady who ran it. The lady took care of him and eventually after he recovered, he started working there. He also started going to school again, given the fund by the man who saved him. Due to his circumstances, he was allowed not to join any physical check held by the school and given the time to visit the school nurse individually for the matter. He was also given the privilege not to join any group work and was assigned another tasks. Due to the trauma he still has, he has been assigned to a psychologist who gave him weekly therapy.

    It has been one year after everything that happened...

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