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  • So here we are, looking for people to RP with


    Just looking for people, who are interested in doing some RP.

    Check my preference sheet for some information. I am not really picky. 

    I currently have no list of scenarios or characters that I could show to people.

    I would try to go for an individual RP scenario with fitting characters. ^^

    If you have any questions be not afraid to ask! 

    If I did by chance get your interest, PM me to get my attention as well. ^^

    I wish a good and enjoyable time ! 


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    Greetings and warmly welcome to the site and community! 😄

    I did skim your preference list, but I am afraid I was not really getting very much of an impression.

    Currently, I really like to do canon RPs or ones where I play shortstacks, like imps, goblins, gnomes and such.

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    Thank You! 

    I am sorry you were not able to get mich of an impression from my preference sheet…

    To your canon RP:

    I have to admit that I am kind of interested in what canon(s) you are thinking of. 
    Overall I would be interested in where your  ideas might lead to. 😄

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    I both have a full list of canon stuff (where I need to add "Inside Job" and "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" on) in my own preference sheet.

    Currently my top picks (in no specific order) would be:

    • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • Steven Universe
    • Stardew Valley
    • Undertale
    • Doki Doki Literature Club
    • The Simpsons
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Feel free to suggest stuff not either of my list I do or do not play.

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    Yeah, thank you for letting me know!

    By going through your preference sheet, I can safely say that I probably know the most about the canon of league of legends (as much as it pains me XD) , based on the Canons you would be willing to do.

    If it comes to things like Undertale or the Simpsons, I wouldn’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to currently do canon in them. 

    I could read myself into canon and lore, this would take time however. 

    As for the canons you didn’t want to do, based on your sheet: 

    pretty much the opposite. XD 

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    I know next to absolutely no lore about League of Legends and I don't expect my partners to be full-on human Wikipedias either. I certainly don't think that should hinder someone from doing canon stuff they are otherwise interested in. Quite often, it seems like people think they need to portray characters 100% accurately to do them, which just seems silly to me.

    So you are more into the stuff I would outright disinterested in?

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    I am interested in the other stuff too. It is just that I hardly remember or know the lore of it. 
    But if you are fine with it, then I would be down. 

    Stuff from your lore list I know nothing or very little of, but would be interested:

    - Fallout

    - Girls und Panzer (sounds hilarious for my german ears and fun) 

    - Gravity falls (no clue)

    - Helltaker

    - Kill la Kill

    - Tomb raider ( played only one part of it)

    - Stardew valley 

    -TES (been too long to remember )

    - WoW (never played it, but watched cinematics) 

    - Zootopia (sure? Lets create a zoo)


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    Do you know what Zootopia is? It sounds like you are guessing from the name alone.

    I do wish my partners to at least have seen or have had some experience with something. A small portion of knowledge would very be prefered. There is something between 0 and 100% knowledge, after all.

    How many of those, you mentioned, do you know nothing about at all?

    For instance, while I know next to no LoL lore, I have played the game a fair bit.

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    I have played FO4 and TES5 (modded though) 
    I played a Tomb Raider definite Edition

    I started to play Stardew Valley, but lost interest real fast…(Like a few days in)

    So yeah

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    I mean that one sounds fun and yeah you mentioned it at the beginning. 

    EDIT: to clarify, I meant the example You sent. 

    Edited by FLUE
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    Thanks ^^

    Though I do have to mention a "rule" of mine:
    I only play multiple characters with partners who are also willing to do the same at some point (not necessarily in the same story, mind you).

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    I mean, sure!

    Currently I have the feeling that I would get kinda overwhelmed if I started to create more than one character to play.

    But once I am more familiar with RPing, I am sure I could .

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    I am happy to give advice on the matter. Besides, you only get better by experience as well.

    You are new to roleplaying, you mean?

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    I think I have been here for two days now? But I really haven’t done any roleplaying before as far as I can remember.

    But you are absolutely right! I definitely intend to get better !

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    Ah, I see. I did mean in general and not really here as such. I am happy to help you out in any way I can. We all start somewhere, after all.

    I do hope you have been welcomed nicely so far. In any case - very much welcome to you ❤️

    We could easily do a simple adventuring duo RP - with me as a shortstack. Something easy, but with lots of potential for minor and bigger stories.

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    Yeah, I also meant in general. 🙃 Like the few days I spent here were my first RP experiences so far. 
    I mean starting off with something simple which has the potential to to grow always seems like a good idea. 

    Thank you for having me ! 😊

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    No problem. I hope I don't seem intimidating as some have thought of me before and may still do.

    Perhaps we should discuss this idea over EcchiTexts and after I have gotten some sleep.

    Feel free to message and I will reply when I can.

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