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  • Some ideas I'm come up with

    Well hello there I’ve come up with a few plot ideas and was hoping to see if anyone be interested in doing any of them with me. I do prefer a paragraph two for posting length and like there to be a good amount story and possible some romance. Here are some ideas I have for plots as of the moment.   

    Plot 1. My Sister made me a Girl

    In this story my character would be your your character geeky older brother. He a shut in who doesn’t work or go to school, only leaving this bedroom for bathroom breaks or food. Now your character would be my younger sister, an up and coming scientist who working on a way to fully transform people genders. You come to my room and ask me to test your medicine, knowing you can guilt my character into it. After taking it he passing out and wakes up in the body of a girl, you happy your medicine works. You then try to turn your brother back but it appears the medicine will only alter the body once. Oh well you'll just have teach you brother the joys of being a girl.

    Plot 2. The Succubus and Crossdressing Boy

    In this plot my character would play a crossdressing boy attending school at an all girls academy. Your character would be a Succubus though one that is quite different from most. You see in this world  Succubus are normal large breasted and strong enough to pin down even the strongest of men after ingesting enough male love seed. Your character on the other hand has never had male inject her in anyway or form causing her to be small breasted and creditably weak, maybe she even fears most men. Though after realizing my character is male for some odd reason you don’t know why, but your character finally thirst for seed for the first time, though only from him. After you finally drink or take in his seed you slowly start to notice your body getting my curvy and womanly.

    3. A Brother Only a Sister Could Love

    Okay in this plot your character could be my older or younger sister it doesn't really matter in the end. Well anyway one day after school you find my character in your bedroom wearing your school uniform and maybe even touching himself. My character will likely be worried about your reaction though instead of getting angry maybe you help him finish up. Maybe you tell him you always wanted a sister to dress up and do naughty things with.

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