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    So. I'm craving some odd things right now that have to do with some somewhat-forgotten fandoms. See below my ideas ^^

    #1. Undertale: I play as a human (Maybe Loli) going through the underground, but in this strange place all the monsters are male, and haven't had relief in years, since the last female human fell into the underground! As I make my way through the strange and foreign land monsters will approach me and fuck me, each style to do with their unique personalities! 

    #2 SCP Foundation: I play as a Class-D personnel with the ability to regenerate from any wound, no matter how severe. In this world all anomalies are male, and, you guessed it, sex-deprived! They all do things differently and use this poor prisoner as much as the researchers want, and sometimes they get to have some fun too!

    #3 Ark: I play as a survivor who has just been placed onto A Custom Ark in which every species exists, and my purpose is to attempt to breed with the specially modified dinos on said Ark, which have mammalian genitalia, except... scaly, I'm certain you can tell this is a beastiality thing-

    #4 Pokémon: I play an eager trainer attempting to become the best Pokémon master, instead of battling wild Pokémon I fuck them! If I do a good enough job they get tamed and keep getting fucked! and if I do a poor job I become a Pokémon cockslut. (Beastiality and maybe CNC/CNC gangbangs) 

    if you like either of these ideas please let me know in DMs! If you've got any ideas based around these two fandoms that are different, also let me know! 

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