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  • Some School Prompts [MxF]

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    General idea: School, ageplay, different types of consent, multiple characters or 1x1, student X teacher, uncommon situations.

    What's this? I'll be posting some small prompts toughly related to school life and teen/ageplay, divided on female and male focused ideas (which character is the set one for the ERP and which isn't, I'll always play a male character or a maybe a girl, frmbpy or futa if with another girl (but I'd prefer not to unless there's another male character from my part))

    How I'd plan using this? Mostly for inspiration, nothing is set on stone, but I'd prefer to play multiple prompts either at the same time or one after the other (harem style, stuff that happened on the school to different characters or just unrelated tales)

    FEMALE PROMPTS )the female character is settled in some ways from the start or are the ones driving the plot)


    —The girl with the toys: She always sat on the last chair behind me, a quiet girl not many talked to. One day when getting back to the classroom as I forgotsome stuff I ran into her, noth of us falling to the floor, her legs parted open revealing a thin pink wire running under her skirt. Noticing my look and slow realization... a) She makes me promise not to tell anyone and offers me something in exchange seeing I was late to reply. b)  I threaten to blackmail her or c) she just tugs at her skirt upwards, revealing what I already guessed. (Based on a doujin, would love if the girl was slightly deadpan like Rei from Eva)

    —The Principal's Daughter:  The best grades, the highest class, the coldest bitch on school who you either avoid at all cost or lick her boot not to piss her off. She's even known for having a twisted way of punishing those she doesn't like and rewarding those she does like, now the question is, am I from the former or the latter? (I like the idea of her being  asexual and having a weird interest on seeing people "behaving like animals" (having sex) although she's not interested herself (although may want to try it out))

    —My Emo Friend: life is meaninglesa, sucks and what not, she's always been like that since she went into middle school but I've been trying to cheer her up and so far she's been doing, well, at least she isn't threatening to kill herself again... 

    a) Reward: One day on one of her best moods  she tells me she owes me a lot and that she'd find a good way to repay me, offering to do whatever I may want, beinga good guy I refuse her on principle but either she insists more and more as days go on or she finds some, well, embarrassing stuff on my room/phone and decides that she now knows what a good reward may look like.

    b) Asshole route: Aaaaaand then, she does it again, we get on a fight, we tell at eachother and at the end she accuses me of just wanting to use her body or something and in the rage I say yes (meaning it or not), after that it grows weird, she says that if I want it I can take it and stop bothering her with my fake friendship and that's what happens. Ever since she texts me to tell me when she's about to try killing herself and I go and "fix things" for a while...

    —The Feminazi::( Disclaimer, despite the type of kinks and plots I like it's all fiction and I'm pro-feminism (as long as it's equality and not in look for some revenge kind of aim). Basically this plot is for a man handling situation with an extremist fake feminist (or one secretly wanting to get the kind of things she says she doesn't (maybe found out while checking her history or finding her masturbating to extreme porn) based on a doujin)


    —The Stalker: it started with some anonymous messages, some letters and some small gifts, a simple yet cute admiror who never showed herself saying she was too shy,, but soon some rumors started  going around about me getting a girlfriend or being on a relationship with my best friend and this small tokens of affection and messages grew hotter, as if competing for attention, the letters became chocolates (with some weird stuff on them) and those became wet underwear, the messages became sexy pics which became nudes and then  pics of me and of herself not very far away, touching herself...

    —Book Worm: The library, the most empty place on all the school, wouldn't be odd if you found a tumbling weed when entering it... In fact, some rumors have been going around the school about a ghost living there or something. Interested about the rumors I visit the place and found that not a wailing ghost but a cute moaning girl likes inhabiting the place when it's the emptiest, so she can read end enjoy herself with some erotic fiction... (Or there's a ghost, I'm up for that too)

    —The Nerd: What's the best way to learn about something? According to her scientific mindset you needed to experiment to have the best learning experience. So, now that you have  sex ed. better to pick your best lab classmate and ask him out, investigate his body and try the most common types of intercourse, all following an extract method with data compilation, recording, rules and so on of course. 

    —The Geek: Anime, games, tabletop RPGs, she likes  all that good stuff, and best of all she's single. Talking to her I  find out that although she has no interest on having a relationship, she seems a bit odd when we talk... One day she leaves her phone open before going to the bathroom and I can't help it but check it out, at first I find nothing odd, just some fun stuff, but checking her browser... (Be it hentai, pics of herself, some erp requests, etc) when at that moment she comes back silently from behind...

    —The Pimp Queen: "For a good price she'll get you anything, from some panties or real pron from some girls or herself (who are her usual whores), up to the girl you like served on a silver platter". Be it by any means, blackmail, money, gossiping or some general sociopathy, basically the best manipulator.

    —The Goodie Saint: a) You come from a very religious family that keeps any thing related to sex as the deepest taboo. Innocent and ignorant as you are you find yourself  with some interesting learning experiences.

    b)Believed to be the Saint your parents want, in fact you're the biggest whore the school has seen, using that innocent attitude to catch some boys, then threaten them to keep quiet about it.

    —The Sick Girl: Maybe the infirmary wasn't as empty as he thought. Some noises could be heard from the nearby bed, muffled and rythmic...

    —The Vulture: The scene: A naked and tired girl, hurt and ravaged found on an alley/one of the unused bathrooms at school, obviously victim of some rape scene... What difference it makes if he has some fun too? 

    —Bad Grades:

    a) You've been given the worst grades of the class, however you also know your teacher has some dark kinks(or so it's rumored) and decide that you may have a way to upgrade those.

    b) You've always been the best student, nothing lower than an A is acceptable for you, let alone your parents, so when your teacher gave you an F (be it that you deserved it or he knew your disposition and wanted to take advantage of it) you decide that you needed to do something, anything to fix this.

    c) (Less related to grades) You're in love with your teacher and after deciding that it's better to say it than to not, even when you knew he would say no or that he had a girlfriend. The problem comes when he says yes, in fact, he had a crush on you as well, actually a bit more than a crush... Do you become his favourite student or try to get  away from his "love" when it gets obvious in which way he wants you?

    MALE PROMPTS (The male characters are set on the story or are the ones driving the plot)


    —The vengeance of the nerds: It's been one of their worse months, projects cancelled, their favourite spots vandalized and not a single one of them was left alone, bullied every single day. The worst parts were caused by the cheerleader team however, each and single one of them decided that it'd be a good joke to"offer them to go out with some clever ploys, some asking for help with homework, others joining some clubs, others acting like the elementary school friends they used to be, all ending in some of the worse humiliation they've ever suffered. So, now was their turn to have their fun.... (Noncon, blackmail, gangrapes, humiliation. Check my profile banner for some inspiration)

    —A serial Rapist/killer: Many cases have been reported on the area of girls disappearing  on their way home and in all cases a piece of underwear had been found close to the road a few days later. The authorities are worried or course, but considering that none has been from the local school nor has any girl been from  close by they had only resorted to  just warning and asking the students to go home on pairs. Now, be it because you decide you aren't a possible target, decide it's too annoying a thing to do or just find yourself on a situation where you can't do it (or secretly hope fpr it to happen...), You just find yourself on the list of new victims..

    —Cyber Harassment: You've been blackmailed, pictures of you from the lockers (or worse) had been sent to you with a threatening message and a warning of not letting others know, as well as a promise of being in contact.  Now you find yourself getting a few messages a day asking you to do small favours that slowly grow on how humiliating or sexual they are, some photos first, some "truth or dare" like tasks, some bit of public nudity... Being ordered to do some foreplay with a student or tricked into a bad situation (falling victim to noncon for example) until it's impossible to stop (be it that you like it, you get used to it and feel nobody can help you or when you try to you get blackmailed again...)

    —The Odd Twins: Everyone knows that those two are very close (a pair of girl and boy twins) , in fact, is a known rumor they are more than just that. .. You decide to see if thats the case (due to a dare or out of curiosity) and follow them around for a while...

    (Voyeurism, incest (I'd like it if you could play both girls if possible) and maybe a threesome)



    —Exchangw girl (Preferebly in a position of weakness or a culture that has her used to being taken advantage of)

    —Blind Girl

    —Wheel Chaired Girl

    —Chubby girl 

    —Dark kinks  (from torture and up)



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    Hey! I’m Allie. I would love to rp the following roles with you if your up for them:

    -The Girl and her Toys. 
    -Book Worm   
    -A serial rapist/killer   
    -Exchange Girl

    I liked these the most and would love to rp one of them with you! Send me a PM if you want to and we can discuss more, thank you.

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