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  • Spooky romance.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    If anyone’s interested in a spooky romance rp then feel free to message me 

    I’ve a plot based off a dream where I and 2 other girls were kidnapped and taken to an island by a guy who basically is an erotomaniac. He believes that the 3 girls are in love with him and so he loves them. He is a wealthy man who makes prosthetics and medical models for nursing schools. In my dream He took human parts and would coat them in resin, Then sell them as medical models to schools. He had taken the 3 girls from 3 different schools that he worked with. He also had two men working there, he would take “special care” of his newest love then pass them on to a care taker. He did perverse things like watch me change, He also makes us exercise so he can watch our body’s move. If he touched us he would get all Spazy and violent. But never harmed us. The facility was on a small island not far from a main land mass. It’s easy to ride a simple motor boat out. But it’s getting past the guys and the cages and locks and such that’s hard. All 3 girls had phones and internet access, but he somehow made it to were they couldn’t ask for help or disclose any information that may tell someone where they were. 

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