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    Aurelia wanted to prove to her master and the council that she was ready to take on the jedi knight trials, even earlier then expected. She was a talented student, but not perfect through. To test her, the council sent her to the planet Rylothia (non-cannon of course, but suggest a cannon planet if youd like) with a small, 4 man platoon to respond to a private request from the planets concerned citizens about a small thug gang running around. Although it seemed like a simple trial, it would only be the first of a few to test her abilities. As the group arrived on the planet, they are lead to the jungles to track down the gang. However, the dark side starts to cloud her mind. Thinking its just the darker jungle around them giving off this force energy, they move foward with the plan. Suddenly, red lightsabers ignite out of nowhere, taking down the troops Aurelia was sent with, and after a brief saber duel, she was very easily overpowered. The sith had been there for a while, and planned to either stay hidden, or perhaps, take on a new apprentice in Aurelia by using more, dirty methods.


    This Rp can be modified to your liking! This can be a hard rape rp, dub-con, or even a consensual rp if youd like! Either Aurelia learns to like it, or she is already prone to the dark side before going to the mission, and accepts their smutty training happily. This can take place at anytime before the events of Revenge of the Sith, and into the timeline of the old republic too. I am always open to ideas for this as well, so please message me! 

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