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  • Strangers in a Hotel Bar

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    You are in town for a conference for the weekend. You have a presentation to give on Monday but nothing to do until then. You sit at the bar stirring your drink idly wondering what there is to do in this town when you notice me enter the room. I'm 6'0 with dark eyes and glasses and dark hair, with big hands and broad shoulders. You pretend to look at your phone but you steal a few glances at me. I order a drink from the bartender and take a few sips when our eyes meet. I walk over to you and say, "Excuse me, I'm not usually this forward, but something your eyes tells me you're as desperate for an adventure as I am. You see Ive always had this fantasy about meeting a stranger at a hotel bar, taking them back to my room, but never exchanging names or personal information. That way we'd always be perfect to each other. Now if I'm mistaken, I apologize. But if I'm right, I'm going to leave you my keycard, finish my drink, and head back to my room. Hopefully I'll see you there." I slide the keycard across the table to you, stroll back to finish my drink, and head out.

    (If interested give description and hop in!)

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