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    Hi! ^^ this is my first time on this website! Hoping to have some great experiences here! Getting to the point I'm hoping to find someone or a couple people who are able to play the role of Chun-Li. Interpol is Investigating the creation of a new drug going around making guys seemingly superhuman but it's side effect is it makes guys extremely horny! In this first story she would receive a tip about one of the customers using this drug to enhance himself to cheat in an upcoming tournament. Your mission would be to find him detain him and bring him in so you can question where he is getting this substance from Crackdown the manufacturers and shut down the secret operation. But when you confront him the side effect takes hold turning him into a lustful Berserker with no other choice but to defend yourself and stop him from possibly hurting anyone you have no choice but to use Force to bring him down and arrest him so you can take him in for questioning! Not sure how lucky I'll be on this site but I'm all for giving things a Gamble really hope to find someone and do the rest of you who are reading this far have a great day^^

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