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  • Stuck in an Elevator

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    Name: Alice Fesher

    Age: 28


    Kinks: Creampie, rough sex, ddlg

    Turn offs: Blood, Scat, Piss, extreme kinks

    Personality: A bit air-headed, can be esily convinced. But in general a rather bubbly, optimistic, and rather lewd woman


    She didnt know how things would end up like this. How she'd get caught in a situation such as this.

    Alice was a regular office worker, and today she had to pull a rather late night shift to catch up on all the work that was piled on her near ths end of the year. Of course after hours of constant work and with the aid of energy drinks, she was able to finish it before morning even rose. 2 am was the exact time Alice was able to clean up, pack her things, and head home. She thought she was the only person left in the building, which all the lights out, but upon getting inside the elevator, she noticed one other person already there. Giving him a friendly smile, she got in and waited the elevator down. However the elevator let out a slight rumble, and right before it reached the ground floor, it came to a grinding halt. Which was surprising, even for her.

    Looking rather concerned, she looked at the buttons, pressing the one to open the doors, to see if that would work. But alas, it only opened partway, not enough to easily leave. There was no point in calling for assistance when theres no one else in the building, and her phone is out of battery due to forgetting to charge it.

    "Uh- I'll try to squeeze my way through here..." she stated at the man, "Then I should be able to call for help and have the elevator fixed."

    Thus, she started to move her body sideways, trying to squeeze her body through. Which went well, until she was stopped at her hips.
    At that point she felt this string of bad luck get to her, trying to move her way out, but she wouldn't seem to budge. She felt rather embarrassed, much so that she didn't say much, nor ask the man in the elevator to help her. To think she planned on heading home and relaxing for the night. . .spacer.pngspacer.png

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