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    Hi! I'm an experienced roleplayer with a very dirty mind looking for someone who can play a dominant male in a slow-burn, character-driven rp. I like some pretty dark kinks and have several ideas as to prompts, but I'm always willing to chat about options with an interested, literate partner!

    Here are some ideas for set-ups!

    1) Dad Has A Brain Boo-Boo: I'm a normal daughter in a normal family, until dad injures himself somehow (waterskiing on a family trip, falling off a ladder while cleaning gutters, or whatever). He was in the hospital for a while, but now he's out and he seems basically fine, but there's a catch - he gets horny on the regular, and the hornier he gets, the less self-control he has. He hasn't told anyone this, not even me and Mom, and he's been keeping himself mostly stable with frequent masturbation, but it's getting worse. Mom is working all the time to help us pay off those medical bills, and it's summer now, with me home all the time alone with dad. What will he do?

    2) Big Sister is a Skank: I was the black sheep sister, the wild one, the one our parents were always disappointed in. I ran away with some boy while you and I were both still in high school and mom and dad didn't even try very hard to find me. You, on the other hand, were a golden boy, complete with academic and athletic scholarships to UCLA. Now you're an upper-classman or grad student with your own apartment and I look you up out of the clear blue. I had battles with drugs, spent time as a stripper and a porn star, and had a lot of shitty boyfriends. Now I've hit rock bottom and I need a place to live. I promise I've cleaned up my life, but have I? And will you really WANT me to have?

    3) Surrogate Wife: I'm the young daughter of a powerful and successful man. You are that man, in an unhappy marriage you only got into for her social connections. She doesn't care for you, you don't care for her, and the two of you barely talk. Hell, you even have separate bedrooms. As a young, naive girl, I hang on every scrap of affection you give me - it would be so easy for you to draw me first into emotiona and then literal incest. All the better if you're not actually "in love" with me but just using the whole "she doesn't understand me like YOU do" line as a way of fucking your daughter. After all, you're rich and can have anything you want, so why shouldn't you claim the little cunt living in your own house? Serious mindfuck in this game.

    These are just suggestions that offer insights into my mind. I hope you like them and that you are prompted to respond!

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