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  • Subway sex/isekai sex/momster girl

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Sub female looking to do some different types of erp right now.

    I'm looking for a futa or anything like that.

    I wanna do a erp where either a womb gets fucked by the other inside of the subway or but a gangbang when she is turning into a monster girl.

    And the other woman become a futa and is very sensible but is unable no to look at the woman.

    Another idea was about a breeding erp where a woman is isekaied and is having sex to be breeded and become stronger.

    She can build a new empire n evrything. 

    3 idea:

    A girl become a monster boy,because of something*like for exemple in a fandom like mha),and the oc crush can help then to relive their problem.

    (This 3 idea is more focused on romance)I'm using a oc)

    I wanna do stuff like:

    No con

    Denial about being in pleasure 


    Dirty talk like "let me love you!""I'm gonna pour all my love in you"

    "Get pregnant"

    Rought sex

    Mating press

    Tights sex

    Egg laying 








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