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    Alright fine I'll give you a little bit more! I'm a bisexual Sylveon that's pretty open minded! I suppose I would describe myself as a twink when it comes down to it. However I'm openly a switch and I can play either party! And really depending on the day I can be either dominant or rather submissive!

    What I'm trying to say is I suffer from the problem of being so open I can't decide on anything! Which is why I made the advert! I'm looking for fun ideas to roleplay! Whether that is in an actual Pokémon world. Or having me be a student at a university, or even a fresh intern! I'm looking ideas to play and I'm willing to entertain and warp my character so that way we can have some fun!

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    Sylveon Best Girl Pokemon Ever~ ❤️ 

    I would love to try and do an RP where Sylveon is my Gwen's starter Pokemon as an Eevee obviously and turns into a Futa Sylveon who then rapes
    and abuses her master fucking Gwen like Sylveon was the master of her trainer instead of it being the other way mngh~ ❤️ 

    ( Anyway just wanted to show my love and appreciation for Sylveon when I saw this xD )

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