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  • The mistake of a girl.

    • Comment here first! Looking Pain

    My idea of this roleplay was, what if i roleplay as a girl who was playing sitting down watching her friends play football but they kick the ball so far away it landed into a barn?

    Eventually they make the girl to get get it for them since she had been useless all her life for them, she would go because she wanted to still be theyr friend and useful, but no one will know that when she enter she will see lots of animal like people were mating, some were milked like goat girls, but eventually she had no idea that the owner of that barn had his cows stolen and he thinks they ran away.

    Synthean-479901-Cowz_and_Bullz.jpg (All these cow girls are gone)


    Eventually when she try to run away she gets caught by him and dragged into a room , hes thinking that she was trying to run away so he wanted to punish her hard and painful, thinking that this is his cow girl that removed her horn and ears with magic of some sort, so he puts fake ones on her so she looks like a cow girl with her natural huge tits that cant produce milk but he can force it out.. FeSSY1X.png

    That is when she realised her life will change forever, not for the good but for the bad, eventually she will have to get used to it even if her nipples will be in so much pain from milking and boobs from torture.

    Age can be chosen by you and i would enjoy it more if you stick more with random google pictures/gifs/videos while roleplaying to drive my imagination wild~(Not recommended for you to do but its really good experience) I will do the same as well to help out.

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