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    So this is a plot that I have was introduced to by some else on another site but sadly never got very far in actually playing out. SO! I decided to steal it out and give it a go here!

    There is a certain town in a far away place, a place that is a rather welcoming and friendly place. In that town is a certain school, a school that is now different than any other school. Students go, study, hang out and so, but there is something that is far different, sort of a tradition that they usually hold. Every year for one month there is a massive pep rally, the  of the school year. Parties, festivals and absolute fun! As per tradition, for one month a student is chosen to go about nude...thats right! nude!

    the chosen student is to go about the school completely nude for the month. Not only on campus but out in the town itself! Of course, this is something that a student can consent to and refuse if they don't want to, if anything a student can even volunteer! Once the month is over then the student has the option to continue being nude or not, one of the few exceptions to the age law. The town is a pretty small one, which is why everybody is rather kind to the point that rape is not even a worry.

    We will be following YC, a girl that is either chosen or volunteered for the role. We will be following the everyday life of this girl, how she deals with her friends and schoolmates. One thing I should also mention is that sex is very open. People don't look at you like a whore or slut for having sex while being the chosen nudist. Of course, there needs to be consent, but the chosen nudist can have sex anywhere and with anybody watching. There is no degradation or insulting with the chosen nudist of the year being rather popular and liked for her role in the entire festival. A super pill has also been developed so pregnancy for the month is not a worry!

    Overall for this rp, We will be following YC, a girl that is either chosen or volunteered for the role. We will be following the everyday life of this girl, how she deals with her friends and schoolmates with this new role. Of course, there will be lots of sex, with one or many students, some at the same time! I would prefer that she be bi-sexual if possible, just to expand the roaster of side characters. Which on that note Im perfectly fine taking the roll of GM and playing all of her classmates, teachers, neighbors and beyond.

    If this all sounds interesting shoot me a message and we can discuss more!

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    So I had several unplanned hiatus since I originally posted this idea. Things have finally calmed down enough for me to return to site. If anyone expressed interest before feel free to message me again and we'll see if we can I got it off the ground again. If I am by a new wants to take a crackhead, feel free to message me here or over an ecchi text.

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