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    Synopsis: Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Mothman. Crop circles. All good urban legends hold at least one strand of truth to them, and the same holds true for the legend of 'Lupin'. A mysterious man that nobody can even confirm if he exists at all. A phantom thief so skilled that nobody can say for sure he's one man or many. A gentleman burglar whose skills are as widely regarded as they are feared. If he does exist, a few things about him are clear. If he does exist, he is a man of many faces, skills, and vices. If he does exist, then there's no quarry he cannot take in the end. If he does exist, he won't let anyone stand in the way of his next heist, be they friend or foe. If he does exist, then he could be anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. But he doesn't exist. He's only an urban legend. ...Right?


    Another idea that came to mind that I'd love to play out with someone if anyone's interested. This one is inspired by my love of all things phantom thieves, like Lupin the 3rd, the Phantom Thieves of Heart in Persona 5, Kaitou Kid in Detective Conan, etc. Even the character's "name" is taken from the original gentleman burglar himself, Arsene Lupin (also the inspiration for Lupin the 3rd, and the Netflix series Lupin). Basically what I'm hoping for here is some kind of fun storyline involving a phantom thief so infamous that everyone knows the name, but nobody's ever quite been able to catch him and prove he's real, thus resulting in him being looked upon as just an urban legend by most of the populace.

    And that's basically all I have in mind that's fairly firm (though of course if you like this general idea but want to change something up, by all means, I'm open to suggestion!). I'm looking for primarily female characters to play against (so there's always the option of sexual escapades coming up), but for this one, I'm also fairly open to any male characters that someone might want to play if they're interested in just having a non-sexual roleplay and think this sounds like a fun genre to mess around with.

    The types of characters that could come into this are fairly wide too - will you be a fellow thief, a comrade in arms working with Lupin to complete a heist? Or a rival thief, after the same prize as him? Will you be an officer of the law trying to catch him before he robs again? A security guard trying to guard a treasure of some sort? The person being robbed? Someone who inexplicably sees Lupin at work and threatens to blow his cover at long last? Whatever strikes your fancy is fine with me!

    I'm also pretty open to what sort of time period this one takes place in. It could be in a distant past, making it a real period piece; it could be in the more recent past, like the 70's, 80's, 90's, etc.; it could be completely modern time; or it could even be in a fantasy or sci-fi based future. Very open for whatever kind of setting you think sounds fun for this, so if anyone thinks this sounds at all interesting, please drop me a line.

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