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  • The Rogue and the Farm Girl

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    I'd been wandering the forest for days since my escape. I was starving when I noticed on the road a broken down carriage. I approached it cautiously not wanting to get sent back to the dungeon, but there was no one around. The driver was long since gone, possibly dragged off by the horse, and inside the occupant had clearly passed away. I opened the door eagerly hopeful to find some food. No avail. I grab the strange looking robe off the dead body, my clothes are tattered, why let a good cloak go to waste. It had a strange insignia on it I didn't recognize. I grab a few gold coins out of the pocket and head into town. Maybe I'll see the cloak when I get there.


    Hours later I'm arguing with a merchant of the price of some potions I'm pawning off when I'm approached by a young farm girl. I see her stare intently at the insignia on my cloak and I try to cover it up, not sure why she's looking. Her eyes are on mine hopeful, I eye her back suspiciously. "You're in the guild?" she asks excitedly. "I umm..." I respond unsure how to proceed, "My father is sick will you help him?" she asks. I try to affix her with as impressive a look as I can manage. "I'm sorry child but it is...the guild's policy never to interfere in matters of uh...domestic..." "I have gold," She interjects. Could be my luck's finally turning around. I try to sigh impressively. "Show me the way child," I say lowering my voice an octave.


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