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    Hello I'm kinda looking for to erp at the momment.

    I wanna do a different kind of erp but I do have some ideas in mind. 

    1:dominant soft x submissive hardcore.
    (A sub that is dominating the dom like that) 

    2:a boy x boy(a girl that becomes a boy)

    3: a futa x female.

    4:futa x futa

    5: futa x male

    6: male x cuntboy

    7:futa x cuntboy

    Now for the actual ideas.

    A: a human is becoming a monster and you get curious and at the same time aroused by.this while you two are at the beach until you cannot take it anymore and starts to have sex with then.

    B: at the termal waters you two start to feel weird and something unexpected happens,a person transforming into a monster for real a horny beast that lusts for sex.

    😄 differently from the previous ones is just a human that gets sent to another world as a monster and to build a new kingdom they need to breed or be breed.

    😧 a person that turns into a sex demon and tried to hide this up but it's to late.

    Kinks: first time,passionate sex,a dom that acts like a sub or is overwhelmed with pleasure,praise,inpregnation,oviposition,transformation,monster girl,tight clothes,boob/ass  expansion,latex clothes,subway sex,no con, breeding,dirty talk,human×monster,cute looking boy,futa on male,or futa on female,a girl turning into a futa and getting the wonders of having pleasure with a dick,cuntboy transformation,no con

    Not ok with: bdsm,blackmail,anal sex,any toilet related stuff,food play,foot play,mommy/daddy,master/slave,ince*t






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