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  • Trying out Incest RP

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    I will be honest, i never done this before, i was a mother all the time but i'm curious how will it be if i was a Son?
    Im willing to try this out because i want to kinda see realistically what will happen? Not sure how to explain it but im willing to try out incest as a Son because im curious how it will turn out xD

    I will accept any type of Rp as long as i get to try out "Realistically" how this will work out, as in the mother sleeping and i try to touch her and all that because if this is realistical, i wouldn't wanna be caught and i doubt she will be fine with it while she is awake lol

    Or a awkward situation where both son and mom were in thight spot and he just cant hold himself from her body being on him because they got stuck or something.

    Im just willing to try any scenarios as long as it could be realistical and not imaginary like "Oh hey son ❤️ *jumps on him and sexes him*" if you get what i mean xD like imagine the situation happening in real life, something like that~

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