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    Your role:

    You will be playing as a young boy that has fallen in love with a vampire. You see he every night and one day find a job poster. Apparently the girls butler is dieing of old age so she looking for a new butler for the old one to train before passing. 

    My role:

    I am a vampire that is tolerated by my village because I protect them. I dont like feeding off people directly so it's my butlers job to prepare blood for me. However, blood has been increasingly hard to come by. 



    The young girl was as pale as a ghost with beautiful glowing green eyes. She almost seemed unhuman as her skin sparkled in the moonlight. She had a sad expression on her face as she walked down the road. She was heading home and looked a little thin like she was hungry, very hungry.  She noticed him trying to hide from her. She clutched her stomach and broke into a sprint. As a vampire it was very hard to control her hunger. In exchange for her protection the city would donate blood to her but recently it wasn't enough. It seemed like the less and less people were donating and she didn't have the heart to attack anyone to feed.  After rushing past him she went straight home. She never came out during the day so he wouldn't see her again till the next tonight.


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    21 minutes ago, Thatannoyinggod said:

    Awesome 😁 do you have a preference on his age? And would you like a reference image or just a description of him?

    No I dont have a Preference. A pic of him would be nice. 

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