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    I looked at my characters recently and noticed that some of them were strong for good reasons, while others were strong for bad reasons. Now having nerfed one of them, I would love to plot up something with him and either someone who is also a novice, someone experienced, or not a guild member at all. 



    Name: Nolan Vale
    Species: Human
    Stature: 1.75 meters tall, and a fit build.
    Background: Unfortunately Nolan does not know where exactly he came from. His first few memories start in a doctor's bed, and said doctor being very surprised by his recovery. Even his name is one he chose himself after looking at some documents. "It's easy to pronounce, and has a nice ring to it if you ask me." Nolan stayed with the doctor until he was back to somewhat full health, but a couple issues presented themselves quickly. He didn't know where to go, he had a medical bill to pay, and aside from a set of rather simple clothes at the time he had nothing on him. 

    Like most people of this age, he went to the guilds in search for work and for a while did the jobs that didn't pay much since no one wanted to do them. It turned out quickly that he was strong, athletic even, and hence able to deal with 2 heavy labor jobs per day. In his odd job to help out in a kitchen he first found out that he could cook though and worked with similar finesse as the senior chef. This repeated itself with other jobs soon after. He could play the piano, decrypt old texts, and most importantly: He could fight. When attempting to train on a dummy, he obliterated it with a blast of energy. It didn't take long until he could start making an income.

    But this is as far as he has gotten so far. There is much he doesn't know about. The ceiling of his abilities, where he came from, the world as a whole. He is still a novice as far as adventuring goes. But with some confidence in his abilities and himself, he keeps working for the guild and whoever else can pay him.


    Personality: Nolan is a humble soul who just tries do to what he does with effort. But he isn't very good at socializing. Not that he minds people. On the contrary. He enjoys talking with people, working in and for a bigger team, and has a generally good time being in public. But he overthinks his own actions on a regular basis and is unsure how to approach people most of the time. Or in short: He is an introvert... most of the time. When situations become more serious, his shy nature completely vanishes and Nolan starts showing his actual strengths. A cool head even in dire situations, determination, and even a mild superiority complex. The jumps in his personality can be anywhere from subtle to dual persona, making it sometimes difficult to determine whenever it is the same Nolan as a few minutes ago. This is especially evident by his change regarding doing harm. Usually he is somewhat gentle and prefers to talk problems out or incapacitate opponents. When in his serious mode, he becomes very judgmental and is not afraid to kill.

    But he also has some issues thanks to his amnesia. As example: He doesn't have any romantic experience. Thanks to a couple female guild members he was at least properly educated, and is well aware how to look out for red flags (or so he thinks), but the idea of a deep relationship is very foreign to him. He is also unsure what even his "type" is. All in all, making mistakes in this type of relationship is what scares him the most currently.


    Cooking: Nolan is about as competent in a kitchen as a seasoned chef, and is able to bake, fry, roast, gril, steam, sim, and stew most dishes so long as he is given the ingredients, time, and utensils. 

    Artist: It turns out that Nolan is quite capable with chalk and pencils. However, only those. He can't draw as well with colors and finds it too much effort to get shadows, lighting, and generally the colors themselves right.

    -Cartography: One of his favorite sources of income. Thanks to him being so mobile and having the required skillset to do so, Nolan makes a living by mapping out entire Valleys and routes between cities. His prime customers are merchant caravans. 

    -Portrait book: Having a bit of fear that his amnesia might repeat, Nolan has made it a hobby of himself to sketch the faces or people and make entries about them in a diary. He is shy about sharing them though. But if someone were to take a peek inside, this is where to look when looking for Nolan's most honest opinion of people.

    Pianist: Nolan is very capable of making music with this instrument and finds great enjoyment in doing so. When encountering one, he is very much drawn to it, and if allowed to play, will forget his surroundings so long as everything is somewhat calm.

    Combat: As if his body remembers how to, Nolan is perfectly capable of defending himself and attacking targets. Often both at the same time, which is something reserved for experienced fighters usually. He is proficient in a direct form of hand to hand combat that seems to be inspied by tai-chi and boxing with a focus on re-directing enemy attacks and counter hard, and is not afraid to take on armed opponents while he is not armed. He is more capable with his summon-able sword, but prefers not to use it to avoid serious harm. When augmented with his special powers, both styles make him more than capable to fight of multiple monsters on his own.

    -Life Force Manipulation-
    Nolan can create, shape and manipulate life-force, the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish. He can control his own personal life-force that dwells within him, allowing him to achieve power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings. In short; He can increase his physical parameters to superhuman levels, sense living presences around him, mark objects and people of interest with a touch to find them easier, heal himself and others, shoot energy blades and create projectiles as well as barriers, and share his life-force to heal and cause similar power ups in others. 

    Nolan tries to avoid attention most of the time however and will stick to small subtle boosts over using his full strength. Not because he lacks control, but because those with strength are often challenged or put on dangerous quests. 


    As for my posting habits: I write at least twice a week, somewhere between 2-4 paragraphs, and refuse to ghost people. That being said, I will notify you if I feel like the RP isn't working out for me, and it would be great if you could do me the same favor.

    If there are any questions left, let me know so I can reply ASAP.

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