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  • Will you be my lamia? [Futaxmale]

    Alex Flinn
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    large.1477618803180.jpg.9e66c637e39aca67ae0afe2598838aa6.jpgAs a young male, being told that there where creatures in the world that only wanted to hunt and eat you, kinda filled Alex with fright. It was awful, that some thing would only eat men and only hunt them, but that didnt stop him from becoming a fighter. He vowed he would one day stop all the monsters that wished to do harm to anyone.


    It didnt take long for him to find trouble, the first few monsters he fought really beat him down leaving him with low rations and low armor really anything could have beaten him at this point. That was until the lamia found him.


    She was one of the monsters he was told about and yet he did not fear her, he charged and ran towards her weapon dull but raised. The question was, what was she going to do!

    Any race or species can be added or changed here. If you have another creature that wishes to prey on him let me know as well!

    ((If this is something that catches your interest please let me know, I'm still filling out the idea so feel free to add in what you would like when you message me ^.^))

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