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  • Wonderland Of Hypnotic Bliss [ Subs Only ]

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Greetings! My first post for roleplay search, so I chose my most interesting idea! I am craving a good roleplay so I hope this will catch someone's interest.


    It was a lovely and deceiving place, a land of wonders and magic. You fall into a place called Atria. A place where you meet strange faces along your journey to leave. Colors fellows like Zero, the traveling salesman. Why are encounters with him so blurry after he pulls out a magic watch? Who knows. Or meeting Daria, a neko who's eyes are all to captivating. So many people you meet, so many interactions it is hard to remember. The land is filled with plants so odd, the kingdom is one of strangely happy faces. And the king of Atria, Alastor, is taking a big liking to you. Will you ever get home? Will you ever find out what is so strange here? Only time will tell.


    This is a small description but the main idea is that you will play a character of your choosing who is brought through Atria. Faced with different elements of hypnosis or mind control along your journey home. I left out some things because I do like to better discuss some information in private. Strictly looking for subs to play with for this idea. Hopefully this small description catches interest, next time I will have a better one

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