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A ruleless narrative game set in the Warhammer 40k universe. You play a Heretic or Traitor Marine aboard the massive Battle Barge Nightborne Conqueror each with your own deck as your domain filled with all your favorite stuff and prolly a sex dungeon or too. Interact with your fellow heretics, your slaves and battle a plethora of enemies in the 40k universe for more power, resources and slaves!

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Roleplay Club
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  2. Although Eros seems to have left us for good, I still really want to play this. Anyone game for faking our way through the Eye of Terror?
  3. I have put 4 new images in my "character image" folder - do you guys think one of the others would be more interesting and/or fitting?
  4. As he moved invisibly towards the land raider Sanakht picks up the discarded limb of a dead guardsman. He moves around the land raider the long way doing his best to avoid detection and approach from behind. Sanakht approaches the exhaust ports on the back of the land raider and begins trailing the necessary symbols upon the back of it in blood wringing the discarded limb. As he spreads the blood into the necessary sigils Sanakht speaks the daemons Name under his breath. Calling it into the land raider to supplant the machine spirit and corrupt the tank itself. "Nai'Qindjash'tukalesh let your ruinous influence destroy the spirit and structure of this machine making it your body to walk in beyond the warp." There is a sickening feeling, a wrongness in the very air; the sigils glow and an arrhythmic pulsing spreads across the machine. +Dealing with it now Segmir @Guroda hopefully my plan works...+ The librarian must have sensed what he's done now so Sanakht leaps atop the land raider standing on the hatch and casting Iron Arm upon himself turning his skin and muscle to living metal increasing his strength and toughness dramatically. He hopes to trap the command squad inside as the machine changes.
  5. He watched how Rhonin went over him and made a mental note to get a hold of him in the air next time . Rage ran after Rhonin and with his bulkness chargeing throught doors and walls to get to Rhonin his lighting sword was chained to him he was going has fast he could to catch up with the smaller man
  6. Segmir had started his hunt in hopeful slaughter. To put down the scouts of the blood angels. Only to realize that it was more difficult then he first imagined. When finding a scout, killing one was easy enough but that usual one scout meant 4 more near him and considering there was a platoon of scouts running around the forest that wasn't any easier. Segmir had to move on foot as his bike was too loud for any further sniper fire to pin him down, his heavy feet trudging past nature and plants, using his experience and wisdom to the scouts. His one advantage was thankful for. +Sanakht @Solomon I have kept their scouts distracted what is the progress on the land raider?+ As his visor picked up movement of a small machine that was heading towards said heavy support. Probe? The second movement was of a scout who seemed eager to remove the small machine until plasma hurled across the field into the chest of the scouts armor slithering it's heat further inside as a yell from the scout echoed. Now it was time to change position his plasma fire giving away his position as he felt his armor crack to sniper fire as he sprinted across the foliage. "One down. Several more still to go." The fallen knew that this would become easier once their command post was taken out. Then he was going to find that Heretek later for much needed repairs after.
  7. The first two bolts detonated against the Rosarius harmlessly but the third slams into the Aquila on his chest, sending a few fragments of Imperial Eagle spinning into the air. Ruva gave a wolfish grin. His force field had failed. The lightless Warp Fire that wreathed her flared hot singing along her nerve endings and into her brain stem. The Armour of Agony would help protect her - a little - but she would never notice when it didn't. The Sorceress had meant just to sear her enemies to tortured ash but had created something else as well. Like all things connected to the Ruinous Powers the trick would be not to be overcome by it. The Night Lord leapt forward lashing out with the Force Sword. The Chaplain parried the thrust with his Crozius Arcanum. But the malevolent aether flayed his nerves, leaving him slow to counter attack. Ruva stepped forward into his second of hesitation, driving her armoured shoulder into his helmet. Again the wave of agony enveloped them both. The impact forced the Chaplain back a step, "Abomination!" he roared in both righteous judgement and pained anger. The space allowed Ruva to set for her next attack. She feinted the same thrust and slashed at his arm as he brought his Crozius across to parry. The ploy worked and Ruva's Force Sword carved through his armour and into his bicep. This time he was prepared for the wave of pain and his faith armoured him against its effects. The Crozius swung back, aimed for Ruva's bare head. The Sorceress ducked enough to catch the blow on her pauldron. The impact rocked her sideways but if there was any injury or damage, Ruva couldn't feel it through the personal hell she'd called down on herself. Her eyes flared wide as she wrapped her arms around the Chaplain, bathing him in the unholy flames.
  8. By the time Sanakht moves on from his mental assault of the Blood Angels Chaplain Ruva has closed the distance and scoured the Marine with a psychic assault, still not dead though, though his shield has popped, The Chaplain hefts his Crozius.
  9. Rhonin came in lightning quick towards Rage and just on the outer edge of Rage's weapon reach he leaps high into the air, drawing himself into an ball, defended from all blows by his Storm Shield and uses the Terminators bulkiness to land behind Rage and strike before Rage can respond. Rhonin reverses the grip on his power sword and stabs behind himself when he lands behind Rage, trying to hamstring the bulky terminator, but fails in his attack as his blade catches on one of the Adamantium Rods in Rage's armored leg before it can shear through the meat of his body, leaving Rage unharmed. The Blood Angels Champion is up and gone before Rage can strike back, but he won't be able to use that fancy attack on Rage again now that Rage has seen it and knows what to expect!
  10. I'd rather run 7th Sea but there's a ton of stuff I'll have to end. But I can get you a Sororitas style character there pretty easily.
  11. Sounds about right to me. Maybe there could be a "good guy" campaign some other time.
  12. There's no one I can think of that the Sisters would ally with besides the Inquisition and a few purer SM Chapters
  13. Well I thought she meant just wanting to play a sister in general. If not corrupted perhaps an alliance of the empire to further drive the black crusade? Give us alot more story?
  14. But an Adepta Sororita, no matter what, would attack us. They're straighter edge than the Grey Knights. Problem with 40K is there is no middle ground. The Imperium are absolutists. What's not them is their enemy. Although recent editions are softening that a bit, the Sisters just ain't going to cohabitate with Chaos
  15. Not necessarily. Tech priests are capable fighters and have their own army. Your heretek would use machines against the physical might of the sisters.
  16. Well ero did say we can make enemies. Perhaps your heretek has a sister of battle rival?
  17. Damn it. I would so much rather play a Sister of Battle, but not corrupted!
  18. That video is helpful and yeah wow I have stuff to check up on
  19. Luckily, she does have an idea about what a landraider tank is and it is probably easy to guess if she didn't. She hears San talk to her mind and she gives him a quick nod back to acknowledge she got what he said. The little robot with the camera feed begins to move near the target pointed out."Ughh....just please survive Jessica...you are too young to be smashed...", she murmurs softly to herself.
  20. Segmir retuned his helm after the last fire. Checking over the damages until he sense Sanakht entering the forest. It seemed the librarian was going to take out the land raider. Very well Segmir started his bike driving back into the fray after checking vitals, equipment, armor, he was set. To give Sanakht no interruptions he began his hunt for the scouts so the enemies command post can be taken care of by another.
  21. "Hadrius, Urial - go with Sanakht." She ordered and gave Urial a look. He was not fully hers yet, but there was a way to reinforce it. Maybe "Look, Urial - the doubted you so much they sent spies to check up on you. They have always wanted you to fail, show them how wrong they were!"
  22. +Very well. Good luck.+ Sanakht relented his mental pressure on the chaplain. Dealing with the command squad would not be an easy task. He began heading to where he had located the landraider putting up mental shields to block him from the warp sight of the Librarian. He refocused on his invisibilty as well. Suprise would be his strongest weapon. As he strode to the spot his divination revealed he began gathering the sections of his mind that contained a daemon's Name. Summoning and incorporating it as a part of the landraider corrupting it and turning it against those inside would likely sway things in his favor. +Heretek Patricia@JennyDK send to my mind everything you know about the landraider tank.+ he could feel the mental link stretched by extreme distance it would likely break off from her with the next sending.
  23. Ruva pushed a thought to Sanakht + Find their commander. Deal with him. I will handle this fool. + She screamed and moaned at the same time as the Warp fire continued to shred her nerves, her eyes focused on the Chaplain with vicious intensity. The fire leapt along the blade of her Force Sword, adding it's malevolent power to her own. "Suffering and ecstasy await my love." Growled the sorceress in an unintentionally sultry voice as she advanced, the point of her Force Sword waving like a threatening cobra. The maddening effect of her furious psychic assault was screaming in her brain as well and part of her knew she'd have to attend to it at some point, but now there were enemies to torment and things to feel.
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