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This is the story of Glob, a lonely tentacle monster just trying to find love. After tentacle raping his way across the galaxy, he finally meets Leigh, a human with an insatiable appetite for sex. He takes her back to his homeworld and shows her off to his friends. Soon, all the tentacle monsters want their own human pet, and Glob and Leigh play tour guides, helping the tentacle monsters find willing, loving human pets. Players can be tentacle monsters or their human pets or hopefuls. The setting is the near future, and the two main planets are Earth and Tentaculus IV.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. @IsabellaRoseare you still interested, is everything alright?
  3. "Oh, yes... 'they' won't be too shy," Stephanie giggles, picking up that Cara thinks the tentacles aren't a part of her. Steph then lies down on the couch, smiling at Cara the whole time. "Oh yes, I'd love some wine," She nods to Cara's question. "Then perhaps you could meet them, if you could get me to... open up," She giggles again. Then she moans softly, pretending like the tentacles were pleasing her. "Calm down, little ones, the other girl wants some fun, too...." She slightly spreads her legs apart.
  4. Cara still thought that the tentacles she saw were a second creature that Stephanie had hidden under her skirt. She saw how forward Stephanie was and wondered if the tentacle creature under her skirt was a submissive creature. Should she play dominant and try to take charge of the tentacles, or play it relaxed and let the tentacle thing take charge? "I would be curious to perhaps... see the tentacles first," she said. "That is, if they're not too shy." She led Stephanie into the living room, a wide space with three couches facing a fireplace. A flat screen was mounted over the firepl
  5. "Oh, what a lovely space!" Stephanie says as she skips in, taking a look around. "So, assuming you want to get straight down to business... did you want to have fun with the tentacles?" She asks as she turns to Cara. "I don't mind that, but of course, maybe we COULD have dinner first... haha, just kidding." She sticks her tongue out at Cara and smiles. She was surely cheery.
  6. Cara smiled and led Stephanie around the block to the row of townhouses. The front of each unit was identical with the exception of the brightly colored front doors. They were a veritable rainbow of colors. Cara's door was a bright, lime green. She walked up the steps to the door and opened it with a key. She entered and held the door open behind her, gesturing with one hand as she ushered Stephanie into the apartment. Waving her arm was more than just a welcoming gesture; it also set off the motion activated cameras and security features. From now on, everything they did was being watch
  7. FieryDreams

    Somahru the Slime

    Yes, but I have been absent for some time. I hope to be on more, but we will see. Still want to start something up?
  8. Hephaestus

    Finding Partners

    Salutations, im looking for a sweet lady to bond with my eldrich polymorphic tentacle monster named.... Slick, hes friendly and sweet and only looks scary till you realize he's an absolute lovebug that'll form a cocoon around you when you sleep to keep you safe
  9. Hephaestus

    Finding Partners

    Salutations, im looking for a sweet lady to bond with my eldrich polymorphic tentacle monster named.... Slick, hes friendly and sweet and only looks scary till you realize he's an absolute lovebug that'll form a cocoon around you when you sleep to keep you safe
  10. Character Identity Information Name: slick Age: 500000 in stasis but really only 30 Gender: male Species: eldrich polymorphic fungus Origin/Nationality: exhiled old one Occupation: survivor Physical Appearance Height: varies from a 2 foot ball to a 20 foot horror Weight: varies from 1 pound to 1000 pounds Eye Color: changes based on mood, green and blue for happy or content, red and black for angry or enraged. Hair Color: none Number of Tentacles: varies depending on situation Physical Description: looks like black tar and constantly undulating, generates te
  11. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Finding Partners

    Hey, @IsabellaRose, thanks for the encouragement! I’d love to help get it started back up. I’ve seen a few areas on here (not just this club) that are dead or dying out. Perhaps if we start seeing a few role plays in these public rooms it might help...in the spirit of that, I think I would like to play. I’ve been looking over the doctors...as well as Jenny. I’m just debating at the moment about which might be a good partner.
  12. "Even better," Stephanie agrees. "Lead the way, and let's hurry, shall we?" Steph puts her hands on Cara's shoulders, ready to follow her. She was eager to start having fun with her.
  13. IsabellaRose

    Finding Partners

    Hi, @BenHawkinsLivesHere! If you don't find a partner, it's probably not you. The club's been pretty dead for a while and I was just trying to get it started back up again. I have a couple characters you could play with, or I come up with a new one that fits what you're looking for... There's Leigh who is basically a bubbly, joyful tentacle slut, Jenny who is a standoffish supermodel interested in he fist tentacle experience, and all the doctors of COITUS who would love to learn more about Red.
  14. "Or," said Cara. "If you don't mind, my townhouse is right on the other side of the coffee shop. It will only take 2 minutes to walk there." It wasn't entirely a lie. Cara did have a townhouse there. All of the researchers did. A row of newly built townhomes that backed up to the COITUS labs were an extension of their labs. Each was a well-appointed living space that concealed sensory and recording equipment in ever room. The researchers each had their own unit that they could use to subtle first contact sessions. Some even loaned their townhome to human/tentacle monster couples just to s
  15. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Finding Partners

    Hey everyone! I’ve met a few of you through different means now...still very new around here, but would love to have someone meet my tentacled friend Red. He’s really become much more in control of himself...he’s pretty proud of that! Gimme a chance?! Whaddya say?!
  16. "Ohhhh... I see," Stephanie says. "You like to get intimate with tentacles, huh? Well, why don't I let you meet them?" She turns towards a different direction. "My place of living isn't far from here. I can show you more there, if you wish." This was her chance. Cara liked tentacles? She would sure let her get to LOVE hers.
  17. Cara straightened her back and took in a deep breath, inadvertently thrusting out her ample breasts. This was her default move when she was about to well actually one of her peers. "Well, actually," she said, "curiosity got the better of me. I happened to notice your..." How should she word it. Simple. Honest. It was always the best path towards the truth. "I saw a tentacle peer from under your skirt." She stared straight at Stephanie. "I'm actually a researcher. I study tentacle monsters. I study them.... intimately. I would be most interested in learning more about that tentacle I
  18. "Oh, that's too bad," Stephanie says. "If that's the case, why would you waste any time trying to talk to me? I'm suure you have better things to do." She slows down for a moment. "I suppose, why did you even decide to follow me to the park?"
  19. Cara nodded as Stephanie listed off her hobbies which, when coupled with the mischievous gleam in her eyes, indicated a singular purpose. She decided that the importance of finding out about the tentacle monster the girl had up under her skirt was worth whatever small talk was required. "Hobbies," she said, trying to think of things people did for fun. "Um. I uh..." The truth was, she had no hobbies. Not really. She had always been a workaholic. Work, school, or both had always consumed all of her time. The only downtime activity she had ever enjoyed was reading and random hookups. S
  20. Stephanie starts the walk to the park. "So, what are some hobbies of yours?" She asks. "I like meeting new people to try new things. Making friends is always nice to me." She faces Cara for a moment. "I especially like the... benefits." She giggles. Her eyes has a mischievous hint in them.
  21. Cara wasn't interested in staring into each other eyes, and had little interest in chatting, except to figure out exactly what kind of tentacle monster she's hiding up under that skirt. Cara had never seen one small enough to fit inside clothing, and she was excited at the new discovery. "Of course," said Cara absently, not really sure what Stephanie had just said. "We'll chat. " She followed the strange woman outside.
  22. "The park would be a lovely place," Stephanie nods. "We could admire the outdoors while looking into each other's eyes, maybe. Or, just chat like normal friends." She smirks at her. "I wouldn't mind knowing more about you and what others do." She winks at her. She starts strutting towards the exit, motioning for Cara to follow with one finger.
  23. Cara felt Stephanie's eyes upon her and saw the lecherous grin. Well, if I had a tentacle monster up my skirt, I might be grinning like that, too, she thought to herself. Regardless, I have to see what I can find out about that. If there are pocket-sized tentacle monsters, this opens a whole new realm of scientific inquiry. "Shall we find a place to sit and chat?" Cara looks around, but the place is packed. "Or not... perhaps we could chat while we walk to the park? Unless you have a better idea?" Cara smiled hopefully at Stephanie.
  24. Dr. Cara Donnelly took the cup of coffee and her datapad and headed to a quiet corner of the coffee shop. She wore a loose fitting top and tight dress pants that hugged her ass more than she normally liked. The top was loose enough that it mostly hid her curves, but the pants showed off her legs and ass. She wore knee high black boots with a modest heel, and her work ID hung aroudn her neck from a lanyard. She sat and stared at the datapad screen, her fingers moving as if she were typing, the haptic sensors down the backs of each finger translating the slight movements to keystrokes on her dat
  25. I've been working on this for awhile, but I'm new at making such detailed characters. If you have any suggestions let me know. (Character Identity Information) Name: Somahru [Som-ah-roo] Age: 622 years old Gender: N/A (but primarily identifies as a male) Species: Slime Origin/Nationality: Deep in a cave somewhere on Earth Occupation: An Explorer Physical Appearance Height: currently 5 feet tall Weight: currently 362 lbs Eye Color: N/A Hair Color: N/A Slime Color: Powder Blue Number of Tentacles: Infinite Physical Description: Somahru is a big ball of b
  26. Post here if you're looking for a new partner to get your tentacle on!
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