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A crazy Russian with a lot of money and his love of tanks made academy for said tanks run buy girls ?? and a few boys that get lucky to work on them heck the headmaster owns a Kv-1 a Russian heavy tank so he is a bit crazy

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Roleplay Club
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  2. Name: Helene Blumenarsch Age: 25 Rank: Captain Field(s) of specialty: Navy combat Honours and medals: None Personality: Pretty smug. Likes to party a lot and have fun every day. Very loyal to her friends and will take her training very seriously. Background: Currently training: Aircraft carrier leadership and tactics.
  3. Welcome to the club @Sunstone ^^ I do hope to see you in "action" though, but real life does come first.
  4. Hey there~! Sorry for the late reply... been busy. Thanks for welcoming me to the Club. I don't know if I'll be particularly active here, as I'm not really able to Roleplay nowadays due to being so busy, plus moderating the site and all that. I'm happy that @Dozle The Crusader invited me to tag along, and I may contribute by uploading some nice images if I can find any. All in all I look forward to seeing how this Club will turn out and for you guys to get a good Roleplay going! ^-^
  5. Britta often uses the women's shower room, but mostly when she has it to herself, which is easy...just saying
  6. Dozle The Crusader

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    fill free to messge or start up
  7. Yup! Which is why I’m just waiting for stuff to get going! Also, I looked at her profile plenty times befur, so yes I do likey -3-
  8. I wouldn't want to start anything off before @Dozle The Crusader thinks it needs to happen. I did mostly mean from her "profile".
  9. So far so good!... I mean with one rp response of her at least -3-
  10. You guys like Vice Headmaster Britta? :3
  11. Hello to you too Jenny
  12. @Sunstone Ah! Sorry for a rather late welcome, but welcome anyways! As you can see, this club isn’t that active yet, but hopefully it’ll become something in due time!
  13. In her own office, Britta von Vogelschmerz, is sitting by her desk, looking over the list of new recruits. Though there are many, many names, she is busy erasing plenty away due to even minor things that most other academies would not dismiss students with. Her methodes are relentless, strict and very diligent as no detail slips under her nose and should it happen, she will correct it right away. Her office is spot clean, neatly set up to be nice and symmetrical and there are plenty of academical awards, medals, trophies and such on shelves, cupboards, her desk and on the wall.
  14. A older gentlemen was staring out the window of his campise he was still well build for his age had his slit face helmet on from the soviet helmet on out of habit "beautiful place i love to call home no " he had a bottle of valka in his right hand
  15. The office building where you will find the Headmaster and Vice Headmaster of Pravda Academy. Optional background music:
  16. Tank: tire : armor type: gun type: (excample ) Tank: M4A1 Sherman tire : 5 armor type: medium gun type: 76 mm Gun M1A1 or sniper type
  17. Dozle The Crusader


    Name: Alexsandr Senaviev Occupation: headmaster and founder of the school Age: 52 Backstory: Alexsandr Senaviev was born on November 3, 1967 in Petersburg, Russia to a military family. At the age of eighteen, Senaviev was conscripted into military service just as the Soviet Union was ending . he always had a thing for older guns like tanks and many other things so he wanted a school for all things like that but he needed money and well e struck oil when on the field and here we are . Personality:: laid back, short tempered , simple minded tank: KV-1 custom country : USSR or russia
  18. Name: Natalie Kristina Age: 18 Rank: Rank Field(s) of specialty: Sniping Honours and medals: None Personality: A rather serious, hardworking woman. Despite her lack of experience, she does her best to learn and use what she knows to the fullest. Background: Natalie Kristina, only sister to seven other younger brothers. She never understood why her parents kept making so many when they got more and more poor from all the mouths to feed. Her mother was a baker, and her father was an accountant, but it barely brought enough money to the table. She has tried various jobs to try to help sustain them as well, like babysitting, lawn mowing, and whatever small jobs she could do, only for them to still have trouble getting anything else aside from the necessities. It wasn’t until Natalie was hanging around one of her friends, who offered to show her how to hunt with the use of a sniper rifle. A talent that she had considerable skill for, and soon even enrolled in a low cost training program for the uses of snipers. It wouldn’t take long for her to enroll shortly into the military, a decision that she decided was better for her family. One less mouth to feed, and extra money for them to use. It wasn’t until after a few months of her actual military training that some weird Russian man came up to her and offered to be in an academy... for tanks. She raised her eyebrow at his offer, but then again, learning to use a tank could still be get her the money she needs. Without much hesitation, she decided to accept. Currently training: Yes
  19. Name: Britta von Vogelschmerz. Occupation: Vice headmaster of Academy. Age: 28 Backstory: Born into a family with big focus on discipline, proper manners and work etiquette. Her whole life has been training for her future in the military as all of them do career in this tradition, with only a few exceptions. She did very well on all of her tests and very early on gained the rank of two star general. She wants to spread her teaching, way of training and so on with the rest of the academy as she sees it as the perfect one for soldiers to live by. Personality: To most, she seems cold, reserved, always serious and strict. She does attend things such as academy parties, but doesn't drink much and generally comes off as a bit hard to get close to. However, she has limitless love for the academy, the traditions, the loyalty of the cadets and officers. Perhaps you can help her warm up a bit? Country: Germany. Fields of speciality: Artillery, fighter jets and machine guns. Tank: Panzer IV Plane: Stuka Bomber.
  20. Name: Occupation: Age: Backstory: Personality:: tank: country :
  21. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks thats the tank imfo usa simple tanks : light tank :M3 Stuart https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:A03_M3_Stuart, mid armor M3 Lee https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:A04_M3_Grant T1 Heavy Tank https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:A09_T1_hvy UK simple tanks: light tank Valentine https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:GB04_Valentine mid armor tank : Matilda https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:GB07_Matilda heavy tank : Churchill VII https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:GB09_Churchill_VII destroyer Alecto https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:GB57_Alecto German tanks light tanks : Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G08_Pz38t , Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G108_PzKpfwII_AusfD med armor tanks : VK 20.01 (D) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G86_VK2001DB heavy tanks : Tiger (P) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G57_PzVI_Tiger_P destoyer : StuG III Ausf. G https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G05_StuG_40_AusfG , Marder 38T https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:G39_Marder_III U.S.S.R tanks light tanks : T-127 https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R56_T-127 med armor tanks : T-34 https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R04_T-34 , T-28 https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R06_T-28 heavy tank: IS https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R01_IS destroyer: SU-85 https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:R02_SU-85 all the tanks i have posted for you are simple and they come has it no up grads to them can be done but some of those are really good tanks
  22. this is a hall where meeting for the whole school go and where new students or teacher are ment there
  23. This is the topic to post your characters. Below is a suggested template for what to include in their profile and you may add more depending on what you feel fits: Name: Age: Rank: Field(s) of specialty: Honours and medals: Personality: Background: Currently training:
  24. high grades and even money will get you own dorm room but some a share with one roommate
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