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The land of Etheria is an overall peaceful and tranquil place where species of many sorts of live together in relative peace and order. It holds one capital city called Karthel. Beyond this, there are many other settlements of various sizes. The land consists of a very varied types of landscapes such as mountains, swamps, grassland and so on. These different biomes also holds plant life and species of many different kind.

What you need to do participate (you are ALWAYS free to ask for help at any point):

  • Read the rules for the club in the OOC topic tab
  • Make yourself familiar with the overall infrastructure and the setting
  • Make a character under the appropriate topic in the tab for OOC topics
  • Either discuss a start with GM or plop yourself down where you find it appropriate

Optional, but it would very much be appreciated and practical if you would "follow" the "Announcements" topic where all news, updates and the like will be put:

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