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A wide world of Fantasy, magic, and monsters, ruled by the great and powerful Queen Rophlin, a dark elf who rules her empire with an a stern, but reasonable grip.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. This is Where you'll make your character(s) to play as! Please use the template below, and attach any visual references to what your character, their equipment, or items might looks like. Name: ( if you're unsure what to call your character, I've found this site to be very handy, no matter what race your character is https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/ ) Race: (pretty much any fantasy race. Elf, Dwarf, Human, Dark Elf, Lizardman, etc) Gender: Age: Sexuality: Memberships: (If applicable. Like, any clubs, covens, bands, or parties they're part of) Basic Stats: (Roll a 12 sided dice, or use this site http://www.brockjones.com/dieroller/dice.htm No cheating lol CHARACTERS WITH NOTHING BUT THE BEST STATS FOR EVERYTHING WILL BE BANNED) - Strength: - Agility: - Dexterity: - Magic: - Intelligence: - Charisma: - Constitution: - Wisdom: Appearance: (How athletic is your character, what do they wear, what's the hair and eye color, etc) Personality: (Anything from a few bullet points to a paragraph. What is your character like?) Occupation: (What's their job?) Background: (Anything from a few bullet points to a paragraph. Anything notable about your character? Are they well off? Do they have any dirty secrets that others know of? Do they have any grand reasoning behind their future aspirations?) Defining Characteristic: (One thing. The thing others immediately think of when they think of your character. "He's incredible at hunting!" "Damn, nobody has a dumptruck ass like she does!") Ons (Character): (What turns your character on? What do they like sexually? Can be separate from your own ons) Ons (writer): (Can be skipped. Basically a space to tell things you especially crave, or that you'd like to see with this character in specific.) Offs (Writer): (A place you can write in a few offs for this specific character. In other words, things you might usually like, but wouldn't want for this character. Can be skipped.)
  3. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy


    Still working out all the details lol I plan to have specific locations available and such
  4. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy


    Some of the various places you and your merry band will discover along your journey!
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