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Welcome to the EcchiDreams Public Roleplay!


This is a club that allows Dreamers to publicly roleplay, quickly and without the need to work hard to set up a large complicated plot or roleplay club. Lore threads, and Extra Information isn’t something that is needed here, nor are Side Stories like what you might see in other roleplays. Dreamers can have as many roleplays going at the same time, with as many Dreamers as they wish. The detail and effort you put into your posts is completely up to you. There is no set difficulty as that will be down to you and your roleplaying partners. 

The rules of the club are very simple:

  1. Follow the site ToS.
  2. You should discuss with your partner(s) before setting up your roleplay. Put Title [DreamerxDreamer] in the title, so that everyone knows who is participating in the roleplay. If there is more than three people consider putting them in the tags or the opening post and adding [Multiple Dreamers] in the title instead of ‘[DreamerxDreamer]’.
  3. Tag your roleplays! Include tags such as what to expect within the roleplay such as romance, rape, yaoi, yuri, etc.
  4. Let the club owner, leader, or moderators know when your RP is finished so it can be archived. A roleplay will be considered abandoned after 6 months of no posting, or if there is only one person left in the roleplay due to Terminated Accounts, or if we’re told about it sooner.
    1. Do not post directly to the Archive area
    2. The OCC area is not for role playing in
    3. Whether or not your roleplay follows the EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules is something you need to discuss with all participants before you roleplay.
  5. Enjoy yourselves!

Roleplay Difficulty:

(The difficulty is set by you, for the roleplay that you decide!)

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