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I don’t expect alot of you or any of you to join but here i host Sj (sockjob) erp’s and standard erp stuffs other then that i allow any talk besides Sj so long as it does not break Eechidreams terms and serivce And fyi you CAN post hentai of people fucking in knee/thigh highs or in nothing but socks what so ever

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Social Club
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Ast9lfo

    Some lewd pics I wanted to share~

    Love them all! I would love to give someone a fun sockjob tbh >3<
  3. Rainyredman1234

    Foot play rp?

    Still down?
  4. Qt Python

    Foot play rp?

    Are you still looking for someone to RP? If yes, then I'd love it!
  5. Wolf10ism

    Foot play rp?

    Hey y'all, if anyone is interested in a footjob rp I'm down for it, feel free to ecchi text me
  6. Alyzin77


    Sure, I'd be down to do this with you. Granted you're still on since this has been posted almost a year ago
  7. Laroy

    Irl socks/sockjobs

    Only irl stuff here please!
  8. Maru

    Some lewd pics I wanted to share~

    Those sockjobs/footjobs are looking amazing!
  9. Sir.alex


    That kind of roleplay I'd like to try, it must be an interesting one. So whoever was interested my pm me for this experience
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