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About This Club

A sandbox roleplay based on the maps and world I've built for my story. Do what you want, pretty much, and roleplay in the world.

Type of Club

Roleplay Club
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  2. Arno


    Peuralinna is a large forest that blends into Rossebenen with swamps in the south and mountains to the north. The country has made a shaky alliance with the Voron Empire. They have no organized religion but the deer that rule show fair amounts of weakness towards both their neighbors, after one of the previous wars, the armies were completely crushed. The main export is food stuffs from their farms.
  3. Arno


    Rossebenen Kingdom is made up of large open fields across the center of the country, boggy swamps to the south, and rocky mountains to the north. It's a well fortified country from the sea and the Horses stand true to keep their country well off. They have farms and lots of livestock. There is no organized religion in the country, and the people are openly able to do as they please as long as they stay within the law.
  4. Arno


    Regnum Antiquis is a massive desert surrounded like a bowl by large mountain ranges. In the center there is a volcano that spews ash all across the land. People live in large sandstone cities and deep beneath the earth. They export mostly ores for food stuffs from the other countries. They worship the Lord and allow the Angels to traverse the land with armed escorts. The Cats rule the country from large sandstone structures and the Birds help guide their peoples.
  5. Arno


    I hadn't yet named this one, but it is very journey to the west. The Apes rule this land that is heavily jungles and mountains. The Wolves of Voron are trying to take it over the country but the will of the Apes holds them at bay. They worship spirits and recognize the Angels as powerful beings.
  6. Arno


    Southern Voron hasn't been as industrialized yet, and is contested land with the Apes. The culture is less oppressive, but soldiers march in the streets and patrol the roads. Much of the old oriental style architecture is still standing but the newer buildings are slowly rising.
  7. Arno


    The Northern section of the Voron Empire. Ruled by wolves and heavy on industry due to a world gate in the center of the empire. The Wolves have access to Hell and Iron Star. The empire heavily utilizes slaves and worships demons openly. The Emperor has 3 wives and several children. If you live in this country, you will be subject to an oppressive society, but if you live in the upper echelons you live in relative luxury. If you are of lower class, you live as a slave or a soldier and can be subject to heinous experiments and rituals.
  8. The full map shows the area in the realm that we will focus on. The names on this map are not accurate, but the borders are pretty accurate.
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