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with restrictions upon aircraft many countries have formed schools to train pilots to fly aircraft of old of their choosing or what was available, aircraft from another dimension continously attack the world mainly in the Pacific, many countries donated pilots to the fight, which the colorful cast of men and women now fly over the ocean blue against the pusher aircraft of the unknowns. Rules: 1)no god modding 2) only single seat fighters wil propellers, no Early jets 3)nsfw is fine but please do not make it the main rp 4) You will do your own research, i am not making a list of every single fighter from every country, there are far to many so please just google "country" ww2 fighter planes here 5 ) it must have been in service at the least, no prototypes nor fantasy shit, actual planes used from that era 6) aircraft may range from late twenties to 1945, as long as they are not jets, 7) planes must be from the nation your character is using, for example, the Romanians used ME-109s but they also had their own IAR-81 please use the planes the country built and design 8) the F2A buffalo sucks and i will ban anyone who says otherwise 9) use the designations of the planes, alot of the japanese have code names like oscar or tony, use what the country called though you can put the code name afterwards, ex: KI-61 Tony 10) feel free to post pictures after the name of the aircraft 11)you may use other variants of other fighters example: the spitfire has several different marks Mark ix I believe is the latest in the war 12) no one will die unless you ask me for a death scene 13) iu would prefer progression with aircraft maybe start, if it has multiple versions, like the spitfire or the A6m Zero, work your way up, or till the replacement for that aircraft

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    Name: Namika "Honda" Sakai Age: 21 Gender: Female Nationality: Japanese Country of aircraft: Japan Pilot of: KI-44 Tojo Appearance: https://www.deviantart.com/onearmeddruid/art/Namika-Honda-Sakai-793692416?ga_submit_new=10%3A1555214695 Bio: She grew up to a poor family in Saga, Japan, as the years gone by technology waned, advanced slowly disappeared for aircraft at the least, due ot the new rules set out many countries went back to world war 2 era aircraft. Impatient, quick to anger, and always enjoys a good scrap, many army units for the school dared not fight her as all pilots of Japan are Samurai. Theme:
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    just talk about anything
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    This place located in New Guinea is the complete opposite of Bali, the mess is merely a kitchen with bamboo sticks and leaves covering it over head. the "barracks" is merely a walless hut with hammocks hanging from the ceiling, the nco barracks isnt any better, a dusty airstrip stretches on and on
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    Bali is considered a paradise and modern airbase, a large building for the barracks with individual rooms for its pilots. seven huge hangars are next to the air strip. a large mess hall is located in between the NCO barracks and the regular barracks. however there is seldom action here leaving it a perfect place for some of the newbies coming in.
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    Name: Age: Nationality: country of aircraft: Appearance: Bio: Theme:
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