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General Interests Lounge


  1. Anime, Hentai and Manga

    This is a discussion forum for everything Anime, Hentai and Manga. Reviews, information, or just general discussion then this is the place.

    21 topics
    310 posts
  2. Creative Corner

    Do you sketch or draw, or even animate? Maybe your art isn't drawn, perhaps you write stories or make signatures? This forum is for you.

    90 topics
    564 posts
  3. Debates and Politics

    It doesn't have to be a political debate, but if you have something you want to debate about or have a controversial topic that might get debated on post here. Keep your cool though and keep it civil, it's not a soap opera forum, and remember: Citation Needed.

    6 topics
    71 posts
  4. Forum Games

    This is where you can play forums games such as "Say something about the person above" or "I'm banning you because..." If you have your own forum game to play, feel free to post it with the rules of the game.

    62 topics
    6,185 posts
  5. Gadgets and Geeks

    This forum is where you can talk about gadgets, computers, and general geekiness. Who said geeks weren't great in bed? xP

    15 topics
    114 posts
  6. Personal Stories

    You can post anything interesting that you've done recently. Kinda like a blog... Except forum version. Pictures are allowed, keep them small/ thumb-nailed.

    23 topics
    132 posts
  7. Random Chit Chat

    'Nuff said. Go nuts. If there isn't a category you can post in on the forums, post here.

    84 topics
    1,208 posts
  8. Sex and Relationships

    A place to discuss topics relating to sex and/or relationships, please note; you should always practice discretion when taking advice. We respect that things might get a little heated, especially with taboos, we ask for you to bear in mind that this isn't a soap opera forum.

    36 topics
    603 posts
  9. Video Games

    Do you want to discuss the latest computer game to come out? Discuss or get help for your favourite game? Post here.

    64 topics
    824 posts
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