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Crew Members and other Characters

Here is where you put your characters, their description and photo. Your character can be a alien that was recused from the invasion force that attacked earth.

Crewmembers Positions (But I’m open to suggestions if you have a character you want to play as.)-


Second in Command/Commander(Taken)

Third in Command/Second Commander(Taken)


Co-Pilot/BlackStar Weapon expert(Open)-Have 1

Researcher(Open)Have 3

Engineer (Open)-Have 2

Security Specialist(Open)-Have 4

Interpreter and Language Specialist(Open)-Have 1

Trainee(Open)-Have 3

Medical Officer(Open)-Have 3

Chef and Nutritionist(Open)-Have 0

StowAway(Closed for now)

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    Crew List 1 2

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    Other Characters(Alien or Human)

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    Planet N259 Species

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