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Worker recruitment

Wish to work here and help the clients? Just put down what you wish to work as and a character sheet and you're in! 

Necessary information:





Type of Worker

Image of Character



Work openings:

Bartending - (Tend to the counter, talk to the clients, appease them in any way you think would work. This could include flirting, touching and anything they may ask for.)

Waiter/Waitress - (Same as Bartending however for those not on the counter. Make sure to tend to them well!)

Host/Hostess - (Entertain the clients as an escort. This is a job that's between Waiter and Sex Aid. You should get it *wink*)

Sex Aid - (Should a client need a partner and can't find one, we have people that will take that spot. Of course if you can't we can always replace and find another worker, or Cleo will take over to help in some way)

Entertainer - ( And if so what kind of entertainer? Singer? Pole Dancing? Stripping? That's up to you. We hire for our clients desire (That should be a slogan!))

Bouncer - (As title says, you're a part of the club security. Your job would be to protect the clients and workers alike from anyone who's forcing themselves on another without consent. You're free to enjoy yourself too though! Just scare off crappy people)

That's about it! If you're up for it then feel free! Of course you can do both! But please... Put up your character sheets here as a way to prove your recruitment!!!



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