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Setting Background Details

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This is an idea I had previously tried on a few other sites, so fortunately I have a lot pre-typed.


These are all generalizations to help establish the atmosphere and to help those who want to play a 'normal' character.  There are always exceptions, so don't feel too bound by the number of them.





The setting in general: It is a far future post-apocalyptic Earth. Technology had been lost in most case, though a few larger cities, with proper monster-girl forces have maintained something similar to modern society, with perhaps a little technological advancement. But many have fallen into a dark age, relying on the local women to protect what little is left. The girls in question make up nearly half the human population, and most of the female population.



The monsters' purpose: The wilder ones, outside of their attractions to women, see humans as either invaders into their territory and/or as food sources. The more intelligent ones want to remake Earth into their image and consider getting rid of humanity to be their ultimate goal. They are not interested in enslaving humanity (though again some do take short term slaves for various reasons). Both sides are equally interested in exterminating the other. There is not any serious organization of the creatures, though there are some ‘warlords’ who have armies of both intelligent and wild creatures.



Organization of the women: Some of the magical girls act alone, some act in small unofficial groups and many are part of standing armies. It is up to each one to decide how they fight.



Lifespans:  Both monsters and the women tend to live considerably longer than normal humans, though exactly how long varies from species to species.  Have not decided if there are true immortals yet.



A girl, her mother and siblings:  In the wild the women live closer to animals.  When her daughter is ready to fight on her own she is pushed away.  Siblings don't usually see each other, unless they are twins or the woman's monster heritage normally leads to multiple births at the same time.  In the settlements there is more of a family structure, but the mothers are often absent to continue fighting.



“Normal women”: They still exist but their numbers continue to slowly shrink over the generations, more and more of them having monster children. Most of them that remain would be in the larger cities, and even there in the more elite families. In total they make up somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of the female population, though they mostly live in one of a few small areas (this is to give a sense of how thin the population is in many places).



Monster girls and human men: They still fall in love, get married and have sex. All children that come out of it will be ordinary males though. Similarly all children with monsters are girls. It is a side-effect of the old ritual. Out of sheer necessity the women cannot afford to be completely faithful. Only the small number of normal women can still have daughters with human men.



Human men and true monsters: Usually this is suicide. A few of the more intelligent monsters will occasionally take slaves for this purpose, though no children come out of it.



How attracted are the monsters to women?: It is best described as an uncontrollable and violent lust, they usually need to be fought a bit before their mindset switches from killing to breeding. The more intelligent ones are much the same, though they sometimes will make the offer to breed instead of fighting, especially if it is clear the girl is much stronger. Occasionally they will try to win the girl over, to manipulate the biological flexibility. There are no known cases of such a woman switching sides though. There are occasions where the girl is overpowered but did enough to alter the creature’s instincts and force themselves on her.



How attracted are the women to the monsters?: Usually they aren’t. Most do have an attraction towards creatures of the same type as their father or other ancestors, and some just have unusual tastes, but usually conceiving the children is an unpleasant duty rather than something to look forward to.



Seduction: If a girl is specifically looking to breed and makes it very clear from the start, she can potentially avoid a fight with a particular monster. It is never guaranteed to work and the closer she looks to the monster the easier, in a few cases there may be genuine attraction towards the girl in addition to the uncontrollable urges.



How much do monster enjoy it: There is some physical pleasure, but there is naturally unhappiness about giving into to unnatural urges, sleeping with the enemy, and potentially creating more of the enemy.



How much do the women enjoy it: Beyond the previous question of physical attraction, there is the question of whether they can enjoy the sex at all. Having a preference for rough sex certainly helps, the monsters are not gentle lovers. Some get a little more used to it and enjoy it more as time goes on. Some never get enjoyment out of it, but still do it out of necessity.



Length of breeding:  It can vary significantly.  The biggest factor is how much the woman likes it.  It can be as short as a few minutes, a few hours is common, it can occasionally last up to a few days.  The few day marathon are usually limited to cases where the monster and woman's father are the same species, and the woman gets at least some enjoyment out of it.  A wilder monster, driven by a combination of instinct and urges will usually want to go longer than the intelligent ones who would prefer not to spend so long with the enemy.



Multi-generational Monster Girls: If a girl has multiple monsters of different types in her ancestry there will be some mixing of traits/powers, but her father’s will always be the most prominent.



Monster Interbreeding:  A big advantage humanity has here is that this can't happen.  There are countless subtypes of monsters, but they are not compatible with each other.  This helps a little in controlling their populations, it also prevents any new, more powerful, combinations.  Another side effect is that it makes a few small population types more interested in breeding from the start if they come across a woman (This is pure desperation though.  They are no friends of humanity and would still attack a man or other unprepared group they came across and a female of one of these types would attack anyone).



How children are born: Usually it is a live birth, like a normal human. Those with certain traits might lay eggs or even leave seeds though (Mariko is probably an egg layer for example).



How children are raised: Those in the cities or other settlements may leave them in care of others so they can continue the fight.  Having a human husband can be useful here (as long he can control the child). The more solitary ones have to try to balance protecting the child until she can fend for herself with their fighting.





More Normal Girl Notes:



It had been pointed out on one of the previous times I did this, and I largely agree, that the extent of the normal girls’ power varies significantly depending on their situation.  Their numbers and the degree they are preferred put them in danger.  Some of the misfortunes they might go through are listed below.  This group is not intended to be especially dark, but I'm also not one to ignore darker aspects where they make sense.  The group will be more hybrid focused and will not deal with a lot of this except as background (unless other members want to focus more on it).

As a note, most of these are limited to more isolated areas.  In larger settlements, normal girls are usually born and marry into more prominent families that can protect them from a lot of this (but have their own dark sides as well sometimes).

Kidnapping - Mostly relevant in more isolated areas.  Likely to lead to slavery.

Harems - Same as kidnapping.

Surrogate Prostitution - This is more relevant in the cities.  This is paying not only for sex, but any child born from the session.  This is not cheap.  Poor people have no chance of affording it, but it is priced so that many people who would not otherwise have a chance with a pure girl get their chance (though not more than a few times unless they are wealthy).  It is a strictly controlled event with plenty of protection to keep the customer from running off with the girl.  A lower class city girl is likely born from this sort of arrangement.  Some genuinely volunteer to do this for one reason or another, others are pressured into it.  A lower class girl after growing up can probably be expected to do this, if only for the chance of the significant money involved (and being safer than other fates).

Village Wife - A smaller settlement with only one or two girls might choose this method.  Sharing her instead of fighting over her.

Favors - A man might offer his wife/sister/(adult) daughter to a friend or ally in reward for help or to earn/reinforce their loyalty.  This and the surrogate prostitution are the only two most city girls have to deal with, unless they are exceptionally unlucky.




It is not a pleasant situation.  Some girls hope to only have hybrid daughters, to protect them from going through this.  Of course none of this is universal.  But they are common enough that a pure girl has to be very careful if she is wants to avoid/escape this sort of treatment.



The Subterrain:



There is more beneath the surface than most on the surface would know.  Few though would dare explore down there.  There are many tunnels, some simply dug into the earth and some of artificial make.  Some of it is made by the monsters, some of it is natural caves and some of it was made by humanity before the invasion – both settlements that have been buried over time as well as structures that were originally built below the surface.  No man would go down there to any of these without heavy hybrid escort and few hybrids dare to go down without a large number of companions.  If a solitary hybrid is found down here, she was likely born underground and is more anti-social than many of her kind.  If a small group is permanently living down there they near certain to be related, either sisters or mother/daughter(s).  The hybrids and monsters tend to be specialized as well, with many varieties rarely seen on the surface.  A man or other hybrid has to be very careful in approaching her, she does not consider them enemies but has so little contact with non-monsters that she may assume they are an enemy and attack.

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