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You never came here. You were never brought here. You never asked to be here.

You just woke up one day and you were here. Not a sound to be heard but the constant low hum of the electrical lights overhead that give the maze of blank walls and empty rooms a faint yellow hue. Is there a purpose for this? Are you a prisoner? Have you ascended? Is this even real? Is it above or below reality? The more you think about it, the less it makes sense. The less anything makes sense. Your past doesn't match up with your present. Do you even have any control over your future? Do your actions even matter while you're here? Will you ever not be here? Have you ever not been here?

In this world, there is no truth that will ever be known for sure, so attempting to seek such a truth would only lead to madness. Your efforts are better focused on your character's personal values.

Perhaps you'll wander the halls in search of other wanderers to enslave. Maybe you'll start a cult. Maybe you'll try to form a group and enforce a system of justice to protect the weak from the strong. Maybe you'll just search endlessly following a vein hope that you'll one day discover an exit somewhere. Spoiler alert, you never will. 

What is this place? Is it some cruel scientific experiment on human psychology? Is it purgatory after death? Is it a form of hell just for you? Maybe this is your paradise, the only place to find peace in your old daily life. Maybe an angel brought you here to protect you from the trauma you face on a daily basis? Maybe it's a test of your faith by whatever god you worship or maybe its a trial the devil placed in your life to completely destroy you. Maybe it's some sort of glitch in the matrix, like clipping out of bounds in a video game or some sort of hidden test map for the real world? Maybe it's all just a dream and you'll wake up any second.

No matter what the explanation, one thing is very clear: There's nothing you can do to change it. This is where you are, and as far you can tell, this is where you will stay. Will you stay true to who you are, or will you take this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself? 


The Backrooms is designed to be a very simple roleplay that any idea for a character can fit into. The purpose of this roleplay is to help you to build up your character's personality by stripping them of worldly surroundings or any supernatural powers that may normally act as a substitute for their personality. How will your character see this world? Are they at an advantage or a disadvantage here? The Backrooms are shrouded in mystery. You don't have to worry about what your character's backstory is because it's inevitably going to be contradicted by the memories of those around your character. Your character may not even remember a thing about his or her past when they wake up here. On the other hand, they may remember everything clearly but still the information will contradict what they're seeing here. Your character might have memories of signing a paper to be a part of a scientific experiment before being drugged and waking up here, another character may have a memory of being dragged to this place as a dimensional prison by an evil ghost. Both memories might be equally clear and both characters may be convinced their memory is the truth, yet they contradict each other on the very nature of what The Backrooms even are.

Joining this roleplay is as simple as creating a character with a reference image and a much more simplified character sheet, and starting up your own thread or joining an open thread. It's a great place for someone trying to develop a new concept for a character, no matter what kind of world that character is from. Your character could come from a futuristic spaceship, an medieval castle in ancient times, the old western desert town, a toxic wasteland on an alien planet, a modern city in Urban America, the list goes on. By nature of The Backrooms, nothing is out of place. Or, perhaps more specifically, everything is out of place. Your character will wake up with only the clothes on their backs and whatever items they may have in their bags. Electronic batteries will be completely drained, cell service wouldn't exist anyway and radio signals are completely blocked. Supernatural abilities have been stripped of your character regardless of their expertise in the field. Everyone is on "equal" ground. Intelligence is best used to monitor those around you rather than trying to seek a way out.


Basic Rules:

  • Roleplay Difficulty: Average
  • Please try to keep posts at least one paragraph long by default or be transparent about preferred post length in the start of your thread. 
  • Do not double post outside of the OoC thread. Edit your post if you would like to add information and tag any relevant users in the OoC thread.
    • Even though double posting is allowed in the OoC thread, frequent spamming and repeating the same message over and over is not allowed.
  • Do not bump a dead thread unless interest has been renewed in the main OoC thread.
  • Characters may not have supernatural abilities such as magic or godlike powers.
    • Innate abilities such as a Neko being able to see in the dark are allowed, but remember to include the good with the bad. If you have really good hearing, you'll also be extremely sensitive to loud noises, for example.
  • No character in the roleplay has any wisdom as to the true nature of The Backrooms; This would fundamentally break the purpose of the roleplay.
    • Note, any character may claim to know The Backroom's true nature, but this statement will always be incorrect. Whether or not your characters genuinely believe such a claim, though, is up to interpretation.
  • Be respectful to others. While EcchiDreams supports Freedom of Speech, this particular club will not tolerate unnecessarily rude or manipulative behavior.
    • Please keep each other's roleplay preferences in mind. If you wish to include a kink or character any of your partners do not have under "will roleplay," you must communicate this desire with them by some means and they must consent to it.
  • Of course, any posts that violate EcchiDreams' Terms of Service will be dealt with accordingly.

Any rule breaking will be dealt with at my discretion or the discretion any individuals appointed as moderators.

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