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The Succubus Laws

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1. Don't trust a succubus!

2. You can die if you want, but don't kill w/o consent

3. Death is temp; lasting 3 days to a week at which time  a boy will be revived with all memories intact...including DYING!

4. The succubi are not evil; rather, they have a mischievous nature, like an Imp, and really, really love boys...perhaps a bit too much.

5. Time does not exist here, so no one ages or grows old.

6. Succubi dominate the town and make its rules and laws and run many of its shops and stores, they are the majority, and thrive in their little township but this is not a femdom or even an anti-human realm. Males are not slaves, nor seen  as inferior, actually, they are well liked...but, seen like toys that the Succubi love to play with! They'll...hm, try not to break you. Honest.

7. Currency exists here...in the form of Succubi panties! The only way to get Succubi panties is for a Succubus to give hers to you. The only way to  get a Succubus to give her panties to you...is to earn them! No panties, no food, milk, or rent for the month. Yes, Succubi charge rent, dawg.

8. Never become financially indebted to a Succubus! You will NEVER fully repay that debt!

9. Romance and other sorts of relationships can happen here; they can love you, seduce you, fight over you, marry you, go on adventures and fight monsters with you, hate you-ok, maybe not really hate you...but fuck you till you apologize for sure!

10. Magic, magic, magic. Succubi are very magical beings and powerful in their own right. Some even like to fight...at first. Only they can posses magic, though.

11. They tend to be magically and physically weaker/gentler in the day, and wickeder/powerful at night, so be ye warned!

12. Dreams. Yea, they can get You there, too.

13. Succubi are naughty, naughty, naughty! While not outright evil, they are very emotional,  tend to get easily carried away, and well, drag You along with! They will fib, scheme and plot You out that dick! Ya read rule number one, right?

14. When a Succubus eats your cum, she gains certain powers over You: she can find You ANYWHERE now, she keys to Your likes and dislikes, knows Your favorite body type personality, and will develop a 'taste' for You; she's probably gonna want more. And, more. And, a bit more after that!

15. Succubi easily become a-dick-ted to the taste and smell of Your cum, and ad-dicks will go to great lengths to get their fix!

16. Hmmmok, so You're basically just prey. But, that don't mean You can't be friends!

17. In the midst of Suk-Yu Town, is a massive magic crystal, this is what respawns any boys who, erm, get carried away... -hint, hint-

18. These Succubi are unlike their previous predecessors; wanting to change the worldview of them being evil, and realizing You don't always HAVE to drink to the last drop, they've reformed, and became more Human-friendly, realizing that leftovers are far superior to being hunted to extinction by creepy, old men. They no longer want Your soul...but, they often get...carried away?

19. Once a month, there is a randomly occurring orgy. You're invited... You're. Invited.

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