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Monster Rules

Hand Solo

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1. Don't trust Monstergirls!

2. Monstergirls can and do live in the town as well, but due to their bestial nature, many prefer to dwell in settings more suitable to their type, i.e. caves, rivers, forests etc. Be mindful when You wander about! There might be lustful eyes watching You.

3. Monstergirls do not posses magic, rather special abilities native to their species, i.e. spider-powers, aquatic-powers, etc. Don't underestimate them, though! They can easily match a Succubis' magic or a boy's superpowers in a fight! ...Or, a fuck.

4. Like the Succubi, these are a kinder, gentler breed of Monstergirl, not evil, but prone to recklessness and passion. Many miss the days of Young, handsome heroes engaging them in battle, and enjoy reenacting such times by battling super-powered boys. Today, though, it is just a form of...ahem, foreplay to them, so be ye warned! If You lose the fight...You lose Your cock. And, everything within.

5. Monstergirls come in all shapes and species, making them a very diverse species, as no two Monstergirls will be exactly the same.

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