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1. How does a boy find himself in Suk-Yu town, you ask? Well, it's simple: the Succubi left behind 666 hidden portals which only can be seen, accessed or activated by young, handsome boys, yet only one is ever active at a time; the current one is located in a bar in the Human world which serves patrons as young as 11. Normally, one would drink till they pass out to awaken within the very same bar, only to find it empty. Upon exiting the bar, they will find themselves in a new and wondrous world...overrun with cum-hungry Succubi and horny Monstergirls. Good morning! ...now, start running.

2. The boys will also find themselves changed, empowered with abilities they did not possess in the Human World, i.e. Superpowers.
Boys special (super) should not be too OP, not looking for Gokus or Supermen here. limit 2 powers max. Magic, however, is not accessible to Humans here. You can use magical devices, though.

3. Boys will most likely have to find a job or some occupation as money exists here, and is needed to purchase Your daily needs. If you're broke, you COULD always borrow from a Succubus or Monstergirl...but that would only make you indebted to them.

4. About working: your boss/person who interviews you will probably be a Succubus. Be advised: sexual harassment doesn't really exist here.

5. Age range for boys 11-16. No younger. No older.

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