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    "About Me" in Profile


    Your 'About Me' section is a good way to put in more information, having an about me page is perfect for spicing your profile however you see fit. Be that an embedded YouTube Video; or an image or whatever. The 'About Me' is a page on your profile that is completely up to you to fill out, with as little or as much information as you like.

    Difficulty: Very easy.
    Tutorial Format: Text/Image (Video Soon)
    Steps Required: 4

    Step One.
    Either click or tap your avatar in the top left corner of the screen, under the logo (or Text that says 'EcchiDreams').... or where your name and a drop arrow is and click "Profile". 

    Step Two.
    Click/Tap Edit Profile. 

    Step Three.
    Go to the About Me section, under Profile Fields and Create. :)

    Step Four.

    1) 56527bafe6ac6_ToGotoProfile.jpg.f0e755ac

    2) 56527c11327b6_editprofile.jpg.036f35f08c

    3) 56527e99dbe02_aboutme.thumb.jpg.599fa32b

    4) save.jpg.4d41ac7c0fd98ead0fdb0b87f8adc9f

    Things you might want to consider including (But don't have to):

    • A YouTube Video
    • Character ID Threads
    • RP Preferences
    • Images 
    • Gallery Albums
    • Information about yourself or your persona

    Embedding a YouTube Video is as simple as copying the entire URL from the address bar of the video you wish to embed, and pasting it here on EcchiDreams. :)

    Edited by Wolfie

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